Priority Space Selection for the 2023 BOMA International Expo

In recognition of the commitment of the 2022 exhibitors to the association, BOMA International will conduct a priority space selection. Exhibitors from the 2022 BOMA International Expo are eligible to select space for the 2023 BOMA International Expo during designated time slots. Both the current and previous participation is taken into account when creating the priority points.

Priority Space Selection will take place at the 2022 BOMA International Expo in Nashville on Sunday, June 26 and Monday, June 27 in the Expo Sales Office located at the end of the 900 aisle at the back of the Expo Hall.



  • Download the 2022 Priority Space Selection BrochureCheck the alphabetical listing on pages 6-7 and schedule on pages 8-9 for your company’s space selection time. During each time slot, companies will select space in sequence according to the priority list.
  • Visit the 2023 Floorplan to see the layout.
  • Come to the Expo Sales Office during your timeslot. We have two options for submitting the 2023 Exhibit Space Contract. You can submit an electronic Exhibit Space Contract at space selection if your authorized signer attends your time slot. You can print and complete the 2023 Exhibit Space Contract, including the signature of an official authorized contract signer for your company, and submit it during your space selection time.
  • It is important that a company representative is present at your scheduled time to retain your priority position for space selection. No money is due with the Exhibit Space Contract. Your 50% deposit is due by August 15, 2022.
  • If after you select, your company is unable to exhibit, you may cancel your Exhibit Space Contract (in writing) prior to August 15, 2022 with no liability.

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