Philadelphia, PA
July 13-16, 2024

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Sunday Opening Keynote
with Michael Smerconish

It's Time to Change the Channel


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Michael Smerconish, a celebrated radio host, television personality, and bestselling author, brings a refreshing independent and balanced perspective to the world of political commentary and current affairs. With his perfect blend of analysis and humor, Smerconish will deliver an engaging, thought-provoking, and balanced presentation on today's political arena, the 2024 election, and the long-term implications of the polarization in politics.

As the man known for his SiriusXM radio and CNN television shows likes to joke, he "answers phones for a living," taking calls from listeners all over the country. He keeps his finger on the pulse of what ALL Americans are thinking and saying, not just those on the fringe who command the most media attention. Smerconish will bring those perspectives, his own deep political knowledge, and the most recent social science to the fore as he speaks about our current national divide. His solution? Reintroducing common experience in a world where everyone is online, but actually more disconnected to neighbors than at any point in our modern history. You can expect an intellectually stimulating and balanced perspective that transcends partisan divides, offering a pathway to greater understanding and cooperation in an increasingly complex world.