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Aethair, Inc.

Philadelphia,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 644


Aethair’s advanced environmental data platform helps building owners and managers ensure safety compliance and optimize building operations. Our platform provides real-time monitoring and analytics that support regulatory compliance, health & safety, and enhance operational efficiency. We have a complete product line for all your environmental monitoring needs. The Aethair IAQ device provides accurate indoor air quality monitoring, while the versatile Aethair PRO offers a customizable solution for advanced environmental needs. For integrating third-party solutions into our platform, our Thiamis device has been trusted by industry professionals for over a decade as the only solution enabling plug-and-play compatibility with third-party sensors and hardware. Aethair is trusted by large enterprises for mission-critical projects around the world. We offer a secure, scalable platform with high standards of data integrity and encryption, ensuring top-tier reliability for your monitoring needs. Aethair’s solutions provide instant access to real-time data, comprehensive analytics, and straightforward device management, enabling you to meet safety regulations and optimize building performance. Visit us to see how our solutions can help you better understand your environments and leverage data to create safer, healthier spaces.


  • Aethair IAQ
    Aethair IAQ monitors real-time indoor air quality, measuring 9 parameters with high accuracy. It features 4G LTE connectivity and remote data access for compliance and safety....

  • Aethair PRO
    Aethair PRO is an advanced, customizable monitor with sensors for particulate matter, temperature, pressure, and humidity. It supports hot-swappable gas sensors and 4G LTE....

  • Thiamis
    Thiamis connects 3rd-party sensors for environmental monitoring. It features plug-and-play functionality, 4G LTE, remote data access, and extensive device compatibility....