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Baltimore,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 1518


Simpli brings our clients technology-driven connection, wellness, and convenience. We enhance tenant experiences through a range of services, programming, and technology aimed at building community and streamlining communication. Our tenant experience app provides a comprehensive solution, integrating amenities, services, and engagement opportunities to elevate the workplace environment. This app facilitates real-time event updates, building information, and convenience services like auto detailing and food delivery, supporting work-life balance and increasing tenant satisfaction. We also offer tailored experiences through our dedicated Experience Managers, who plan and execute unique virtual and on-site events, wellness programs, and team-building activities. By partnering with local and onsite retailers, we curate exclusive perks, rewards, and immersive experiences accessible through our workplace experience app, further enriching the tenant experience and promoting engagement and retention. Our services cater to both landlords and companies, aiming to create a thriving, engaging, and productive work environment.