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Printshape, LLC

Fort Washington,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1536


Commercial Large format printing company. Custom printed Wallpaper and Murals on traditional paper, Peel&Stick fabric and Type II commercial grade vinyl. Durable and odorless UV gel inks, GreenGuard Gold certified. Direct UV print on Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Wood, ACM and all kinds of Plastics Floor / Wall / Window graphics with up to 1800dpi resolution. 100+ materials in stock

  Press Releases

  • (Jul 14, 2024)
    Direct UV printing on glass and Plexiglass with 3D effect. The technology allows to simulate any texture and stained glass
  • We using durable and odorless UV ink for printing directly on ACM (aluminum composite material)


  • Stained Glass
    3D printing images directly onto glass surfaces allows artists to create detailed and volumetric images with depth and texture...

  • 3D printing on any rigid material
    Three-dimensional printing with volumetric elements ("Dome" printing) on any plastic, metal, ACM, glass and more ...

  • Raised ink / 3D elevated print / Textures

    Precise multi layer printing capability and advanced software allows us to add texture to large format prints for subtle surface detail, raised text or logo