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Omni Power Technology

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1061


Introducing the Omni Power Stations from Omnicharge - a growing family of products offering flexible, mobile power for practically any use case. Property managers and business owners can benefit by providing their guests / users / residents with easy-to-deploy power when and where it’s needed – a much-requested amenity - while avoiding costly electrical upgrades, trenching, or core drilling. With a fast-recharging charging base and multiple, high capacity Omnicharge chargers, Omni Power Stations are an economical way to provide mobile power to users, guests, employees, students… anyone who needs power. Which in today’s world is just about everyone! Omnicharge chargers work with just about every mobile device out there - from laptops and Chromebooks, to tablets and phones, to STEM and STEAM devices for schools and everything in between. And our new Power-as-a-Service program combines a full-service warranty, a cloud-based online management system, and a feature-packed and flexible self-checkout mode into a convenient subscription program that makes it easier than ever to provide mobile power.


  • Omni Power Station 20+ 120v

    Needing only a single wall outlet, the Omni Power Station can be installed in any space, making it easy for people to work wherever they want.


  • Omni Power Station 40+
    Omnicharge portable chargers keep your devices charged without the normal constraints of fixed power infrastructure. ...

  • Omni Power Station 20+ 120v
    The Omni 20+ provides an all-in-one solution for professionals on the go....