Philadelphia, PA
July 13-16, 2024

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Rhett Teller

Market Segment Leader, Facilities - East
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There is a reason Rhett Teller’s nickname at GPRS is “Story.” Because no matter the topic, you can count on Rhett to entertain and inspire while he educates his audience on how to avoid fragmented and siloed facility information to expedite communications and stay safe.
Rhett is GPRS Market Segment Leader of Facilities specializing in Higher Education, Stadiums & Parks, and Airports, and previously served as the Regional Manager in New York City, so you know he has lots of wild stories to tell. But what has kept him excited about safety for over a decade is his commitment to helping customers solve their problems.
Trained as a teacher, dedicated as a husband and father, committed to health as a former pro athlete, Rhett strives to create connection in every area, including his work, to help facility managers connect to the solutions they need.
That’s how he won GPRS Rookie of the Year and continues to find new and unique ways to Visualize The Built World above and below ground.


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