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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Princeton,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 1203

Dynamic cleans the air, saves energy & reduces maintenance.


Do not choose between air quality and operating costs when you can have both while reducing maintenance and waste by choosing Dynamic Air Quality Solutions.

Dynamic air filtration solutions are designed to meet and exceed the requirements for decarbonization, sustainability and design standards including ASHRAE, USGBC/LEED and Green Programs coupled with application critical requirements for data centers, museums, healthcare, and clean room manufacturing facilities. The Dynamic V8 provides MERV 15 performance, VOC reduction and superior capture of dangerous ultrafine particles, while outperforming any other solution on the market for superior contaminant control, ease of maintenance, and low cost of ownership. Dynamic is the right choice in IAQ while meetig your sustainability and budget goals.

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  • Dynamic V8
    The Dynamic V8 provides MERV 15 performance without ionizing or Ozone generation, additionally providing VOC reduction and superior capture of dangerous ultrafine particles. It is constructed to eliminate bypass, a critical issue for maximum performance....

  • The Dynamic V8 is a high-efficiency air cleaning systems that improve indoor air quality, save energy, and reduce operating costs. The V8 offers MERV15 performance with low static pressure drop, making it ideal for retrofitting into existing systems.

    Filtration is an overlooked energy conservation measure. The Dynamic V8 offers MERV 15+ performance, removing ultrafine particles (UFPs) and odors from indoor air and/or outdoor ventilation air.  With fan energy representing over 10% of commercial energy, low pressure resistance cuts fan energy by 1/3 relative to MERV13 filters.  Outdoor air requirements may be reduced using the ASHRAE 62 IAQ Procedure, potentially doubling energy savings. Couple the high dust-holding capacity resulting in filter change-outs in YEARS instead of months, Dynamic replacements average every 3 years. The additional savings is created through the reduction of maintenance and waste.  

    Dynamic air cleaning solutions include UVC systems, and gas phase solutions to hold, capture, remove and kill.  Compared to pellet-based systems, the Dynamic EDGE System offers low pressure drop, easy maintenance and no post filters downstream. Dynamic provides the most effective and efficient air quality solutions to not only clean the air in even the most critical applications it also improves IAQ in any indoor space while saving energy and reducing maintenance and waste.

     Focused UV Germicidal Light for the Most
    Effective Control of Airborne Pathogens
    Used in combination with Dynamic Air Cleaners for

  • 1" and 2” & 1" and 2” Tandem Panels
    Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners are available in 1” and 2” panels for an easy retrofit solution fitting directly into existing AHUs....

  • The Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner uses the principal of agglomeration to join polarized sub-micron particles and VOCs to each other as they pass through the HVAC system.  As the particles get larger during subsequent passes, they collect on the disposable low-static polarized media pads and activated carbon center screen.  Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners are available in 1” and 2” panels for an easy retrofit solution fitting directly into existing rack. With efficiency of 97% at .3 microns, the Dynamic Air Cleaner is a high efficiency filtration option that can be offered for any application.  Dynamic Air Cleaners are ideal for removing odors and VOCs in addition to the smallest sub-micron particles.
  • EDGE gas phase solutions
    The next generation in carbon utilizing state-of-the-art technology for precise control of contaminants using a fraction of the energy....

  • Dynamic EDGE Activated Carbon System is the next generation in gas phase control. Though our unique design offering a leading edge over granular, pellet, or pleated media systems by removing odors and harmful gas phase chemicals from the air.  By providing a full, even, and predictable flow through media yields high removal efficiencies, full utilization of media, low pressure drops, significant energy savings while enabling a more consistent Mass Transfer Zone for improved system design and performance. This blend purifies the air to protect both people and equipment, in hospitals, museums, clean manufacturing, data centers, grow facilities, and other mission critical applications.