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Detec Systems LLC

Ferndale,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 1030

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Detec Systems provides leading-edge technology in the field of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), by way of quality control testing and automated structure monitoring for roofing and waterproofing assemblies.

We provide unparalleled risk mitigation for property owners and their development teams. We are committed to our goal to improve the sustainability of buildings through professional moisture intrusion monitoring services and roof membrane electronic testing technology.

Detec Systems offers a level of quality assurance and peace of mind that remains unequaled in today’s electronic testing industry. Providing early-warning of moisture intrusion, Detec benefits all stakeholders throughout the construction phase, including developers, design professionals, consultants, contractors, and insurers.

Detec continues to provide value throughout the life of the building, benefiting facilities managers, homeowners and building occupants by identifying potentially dangerous moisture intrusion events before they become costly repairs.

Brands:IntegriScan, PermaScan, TruGround, Conductive Primer, Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)


  • PermaScan Leak Detection System
    The PermaScan-C is a 24/7, continuously monitored moisture detection system...

  • The PermaScan-C is an embedded, fully monitored moisture detection system. The system is primarily installed on the vapor barrier as it is the lowest layer in the roof assembly in which water can travel horizontally. The system can also be installed wherever hidden moisture is of concern (within walls, beneath windows, ceilings, floors, etc).

    Monitoring for moisture begins the day of installation and continues through the life of the building. Detec’s TruGround Conductive Primer can be included to enable Electronic Leak Detection quality control testing of the roofing membrane. Together, they can ensure a completely water tight assembly.

    Detec's PermaScan-C system is UL listed and FM approved.  It is the only moisture monitored system approved by Factory Mutual (FM Approvals 7745)

  • TruGround Conductive Primer
    TruGround is a conductive medium which enables Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) quality control testing of roofing/waterproofing membranes....

  • A patented formulation that enables what was, until now, not possible: A truly reliable Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) test for conventional roof assemblies.

    TruGround® Conductive Primer provides the required conductivity DIRECTLY below the membrane to ensure valid ELD testing per ASTM Guide D7877-14 and ASTM Practice D8231-19.  TruGround® is sold in 5-gallon pails which will cover approximately 1250sqft each.

    There is a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding testing conventional roof assemblies using Electronic Leak Detection. Other conductive mediums are often installed incorrectly below the coverboard or insulation.  Coverboard and insulation can not carry an electrical charge, therefore ELD testing will not work as the non conductive substrate blocks the electrical circuit.  Conductive medium placement anywhere other than directly below the membrane results in invalid testing and does not comply with industry standards.

  • IntegriScan Testing Equipment
    The IntegriScan is the most advanced Electronic Leak Detection testing method available....

  • Detec Systems provides the most advanced Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) portable testing equipment for roofing and waterproofing membranes

    The low voltage Scanning Platform is the only equipment capable of testing both non-conductive and semi-conductive membranes such as black EPDM and cold fluid coatings containing carbon black.  The low voltage Vertical Scanning Unit (aka VSU Roller) can be used on verticals, horizontals, details, and transitions.  Both units comply ASTM Guide D7877, and are the basis for ASTM Practice D8231.  The IntegriScan is also the only FM Approved Electronic Leak Detection testing equipment.