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CorPlug, Inc.

Costa Mesa,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1608

Repair abandoned floor cores with CorPlug.






Kits to infill abandoned core holes in multi-story commercial office building floors:

  • ICC-ES Certified: ESR #3939
  • Restores integrity of original floor
  • Restores fire stop between floors (Fire-rated to ASTM-E814-13a)
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Repair core from above; eliminates the need to access the suite below
  • Flush with existing floor
  • Specified and Approved by building owners and architects
  • Available in diameters ranging from 1.0" through 6.0" 

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  • (May 23, 2023)

    CorPlug:  Approved building product infills abandoned core holes in minutes!

    CorPlug is a tested and approved (ICC-ES #3939) assembly used to infill abandoned floor cores in multi-story office buildings.

    When cores are originally drilled, it is impossible to know if the coring will be in a flat portion of the floor system.  If it is, then the conventional repair method can easily be done.  If not, or access to the underside of the of the core hole is not possible, then the traditional method is not an option.

    CorPlug is designed to be effective in repairing the core hole regardless of the profile of the underside of the floor.  CorPlug installs in under five minutes from the floor where the Tenant Improvement is performed, is flush with the finished floor and has a 2-hour F/T rating.

    CorPlug provides building owners, managers, and engineers with an alternative method of core hole repair that is certified and proven as a fire-life safety product that saves time and money in buildings undergoing tenant improvement projects.   



  • CorPlug
    CorPlug is a pre-cast assembly used to infill abandoned floor cores in multi-story buildings. Available in eleven diameters from 1.0" to 6.0" (half sizes included).

  • CorPlug is a tested and approved building product used to infill abandoned core holes.  CorPlug has a 2 hour F/T rating and installs in less than 5 minutes from the floor where the Tenant Improvement is being performed.  Building Owners, Managers and Engineers specifiy CorPlug when there is the need to  restore the floor to industry standards.