Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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Union,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 345

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  • BFM-II Branch Feeder Monitor
    BFM-II is the 2nd gen of the Branch Feeder Monitor, providing energy mgt for multi-point power solutions. Ideal for both new and retrofit projects, the BFM-II automatically provides metering, demand and energy readings, logging, and time of use data...

  • 🞏 Multi-channel submetering – up to 54 single-phase, 27 two-phase or 18 three-phase meters in a  single device. Any combination of single-, two-, and three-phase consumers can be chosen up to a total of 54 current inputs.
    🞏 Automatic totalization of energy consumption of selected consumers
    🞏  Modular design allows the selection of 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 or 54 submeters
    🞏  Compatible with high accuracy, Class 0.5S rated, current transformers
    🞏  3-phase/2-phase/single-phase meters (true RMS, volts, amps, power, power factor, neutral current)
    🞏 Ampere/Volt demand meter
    🞏  Time-of-Use, 8 energy/demand registers x 8 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule
    🞏 Automatic 120-day daily profile for energy and maximum demand readings (total and tariff registers) for each submeter
    🞏  Power quality monitoring including voltage and current harmonics (up to the 25th), voltage sags, voltage swells and interruptions (contact SATEC for availability)
    🞏 Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setpoint operations
    🞏 Data recorders: programmable periodic data logs for each submeter
    🞏 Embedded programmable controller (4 control setpoints, programmable thresholds and delays) for each submeter
    🞏 Internal clock, keeping the clock running for years, independent of an external power supply
    🞏 Standard RS-485, Ethernet and USB ports
    🞏 Optional cellular communication port plug-in module
    🞏  Optional 9/18 digital inputs or 4 analog inputs module
    🞏 Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP3.0 and DNP/TCP communication protocols
    🞏 Easy field upgrading device firmware