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RE Backoffice, Inc.

Pittsburgh,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1718

GOT LEASES? NEED HELP? Talk to RE BackOffice at Booth# 1718


RE BackOffice, Inc., is a premier provider of lease abstraction, administration, and accounting services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, we are a global boutique firm, providing high-quality services to top-tier clients across industry verticals, covering every type of lease and on any lease platform. We are proud to be a trusted partner, for 17+ years, to leading retailers, REITs, property owners/managers, and corporate accounts seeking a strategic advantage. All client projects are performed in-house.

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  • Lease abstraction
    100% Accurate Lease Abstraction (Ai). Our lease abstraction services include full abstract, financial abstract, amendments/side letters, and multi-language lease abstraction.

  • At RE BackOffice, we understand leases – the complexities and nuances which represent the culmination of negotiations between lessor and lessee. Our knowledge of leases and leading lease administration platforms allows us to guide our customers through the process of streamlining and designing optimal lease abstraction templates (retail, equipment, real estate, tower, and more). The templates become the backbone of the abstraction project, simplifying the complexity and scaling to manage the volume of leases in a portfolio. All projects are performed in-house and at an affordable price.


    Our comprehensive lease abstraction services include:


    Lease abstraction 

    • Full abstract
    • Financial abstract
    • Amendments/side letters
    • Multi-language lease abstraction

    Lease Audit

    • Prepare for regulatory compliance
    • Amendments/Side Letters
    • Multi-Language Translation
    • 100% Accuracy

    Additional Services

    • Document management
    • Data tagging
    • Lease translation
    • Lease data migration
    • Financial modeling
  • Lease administration
    Lease Administration Services: On-demand expertise, optimal ROI. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable and scalable workforce; experts in lease administration & software-agnostic.

  • Our comprehensive lease administration services include:


    Set up, Cadence and Process Optimization

    • Initial setup, coaching, cadence
    • Process evaluation
    • Review of existing data capture mechanisms and templates for accuracy and usefulness
    • Template optimization and definition
    • Recovery setup

    Lease Abstraction and Ongoing Maintenance

    • Abstraction of Leases
    • Process evaluation
    • Abstraction of Amendments/Side Letters
    • Vendor change/update
    • Multilingual abstraction
    • Lease abstract audits

    Notice Processing/Correspondence

    • Renewal notices
    • Estoppel
    • SNDA (Subordination and non-disturbance agreement)
    • Commencement date letters
    • Rent increase letters
    • Monthly statements
    • Month end reports

    Year-End Reconciliations (Desktop Audit)

    • CAM charges
    • Insurance charges
    • RET charges
    • Follow-ups with landlords and tenants to correct overcharging/underpayment

    Critical Dates Monitoring

    • Lease expiry/renewal date
    • Security deposit return date
    • Rent increase date

    Liasoning services

    • Communicating with your tenant/landlord/other parties for lease-related processes.
  • CAM Reconciliation and Audit Services for Landlord
    RE BackOffice helps landlords save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year through accurate CAM audit and reconciliation services....

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) is a crucial element of your lease's operating income. CAM charges run into thousands of dollars every year.


    As a landlord, it is very important to ensure that you consistently track and review the CAM charges levied by you upon your tenants to ensure they are accurate, as errors that are embedded in the lease, year, on year can cost you dearly.


    RE BackOffice helps landlords save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year through accurate CAM audit and reconciliation services.


    As a part of our CAM Audit services, we offer-

    • CAM charges reconciliation
    • Insurance charges reconciliation
    • Invoice processing and audits
    • Real estate taxes reconciliation
    • Collection calling

    All client projects are performed in-house and at an affordable price.