Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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Essex Electronics

Carpinteria,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 206

Premium touch and touchless access control solutions


For over 45 years, Essex heavy duty keypads, RFID card readers and premium door access switches have become the choice of security professionals worldwide. Ideal for use in interior and exterior locations, Essex piezoelectric keypads and touch REX (Request to Exit) devices utilize a proprietary Billion Cycle Switch Technology for superior performance in virtually any environment. Essex Hand-E-Wave® touchless door switches and iRox™ smart card readers provide reliable access control while helping to reduce the spread of viruses, germs and infectious diseases. Aesthetically designed, Essex card readers and door control switches feature a low profile, easy to clean, vandal and ligature resistant design. Various faceplate sizes and finishes are available with customization options to promote corporate branding. Professional Grade access control solutions proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Brands:Keyless Entry® Hand-E-Wave® iRox™ RoxProx™


  • Essex Hand-E-Wave® Touchless Switch
    Essex Hand-E-Wave™ is a rugged, touchless door activation switch with advanced 24GHz Doppler Radar technology. Ideal for use in all commercial buildings, Hand-E-Wave™ features hands-free switch activation to help reduce the spread of germs and viruses....

  • Hand-E-Wave™ is an advanced touchless switch with 24GHz Doppler Radar technology. Ideal for use in commercial buildings, Hand-E-Wave’s touchless switch activation helps reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria and infectious diseases commonly found on mechanical push plates. Hand-E-Wave utilizes bidirectional motion detection which provides reliable and consistent switch operation. Visual and audio (ON/OFF) feedback indicate when motion is detected within the detection zone. Hand-E-Wave’s low profile and ruggedized construction make it easy to clean and sanitize.

    Hand-E-Wave’s detection zone can be adjusted from 2 to 24 inches. A moving hand, cart or wheelchair within the detection zone activates the switch. Hand-E-Wave’s output is field selectable for either a 1 to 30 second relay hold time or toggle (on/off) operation. An optional manual override is available for emergency egress doors.

    Hand-E-Wave ™ is proudly Made in the USA by Essex Electronics, a leading manufacturer of ruggedized access control solutions.

  • Essex iRox™ RFID Smart Card Readers
    Essex iRox and iRoxPlus™ are heavy duty smart card readers with Genuine HID Technology™. iRox readers feature stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics, audiovisual feedback and a low profile, vandal and ligature resistant design....

  • iRox™ and iRoxPlus™ are advanced smart card readers with Genuine HID Technology. Build for virtually any environment, these ruggedized readers are trusted globally in commercial facilities to provide secure access control. iRox readers incorporate HID iCLASS SE® which can read 13.56MHz high frequency formats including Seos®, iCLASS®, iCLASS SE®, MiFARE® and DesFIRE® EV1/EV2. iRoxPlus with multiCLASS SE® adds 125 kHz Proximity for dual frequency installations. The iRox Series features a recessed, vandal and ligature resistant design. The ⅛” stainless steel faceplate and acrylic lens are easier to clean and sanitize than surface mount readers. iRox is available in narrow, single or double gang with a stainless or black finish faceplate. The next generation iRox reader adds field selectable Wiegand or OSDP Secure Channel output and offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge in Apple Wallet. Customization options are also available to support corporate branding. Proudly designed and made in the USA by Essex Electronics, a leading manufacturer of ruggedized touch and touchless access control solutions.