Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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Aurora,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 635

The more you know, the better you manage your building!


Aranet is a complete & wireless IoT sensor ecosystem for persistent monitoring, automatization, and BMS integration in HVAC systems. We provide an easy to deploy solution for:

  • Energy consumption tracking
  • HVAC filter state assesment
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Indoor air quality control

The solution Aranet offers includes:

  • Wide range of wireless sensors & base station for data collection & access
  • Aranet Cloud - to access the measued data anywhere
  • Pre-configuration services - we set everything for you to save time & effort
  • Third party system integration to incorporate Aranet into existing systems

Aranet is owned by SAF Tehnika, an EU based wireless data transmission expert company with 20 years track record and presence in over 130 countries. SAF’s core products include high quality microwave radios, field tested hand-held RF spectrum analyzers, and wireless environmental monitoring IoT sensors and base stations.  



  • IoT Wireless Sensors
    We offer 21 sensors for HVAC and IAQ applications relevant to Building Management Systems (BMS) to follow CO2 concentration, temperature, Particulate matter concentration, relative humidity, differential pressure, energy meter & pulse counter, etc....

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    The perfect companion for indoor environments allowing you to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.

    • High accuracy - the non-dispursive infrared sensor (NDIR) inside Aranet4 ensures high precision measurements
    • Wireless and portable - pop in the batteries (4-year life) and place the sensor anywhere in your facilities to measure indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • Aranet cloud - centralized access and management of all your data anytime, anywhere
    • https://aranet.com/products/aranet4/

    Differential pressure sensor For HVAC filter replacement alerts

    Aranet base station

    An indoor environmental monitoring solution that acts as a gateway, data storage and web server. Choose between 3 Aranet PRO license versions depending on the number of sensors you intend to connect to the base station.



    Electricity meter wireless counter combo