Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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Thru Shivakumar

CEO + Co-Founder

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As CEO and Co-Founder of Cohesion, Thru is responsible for leading the company to align and execute its strategic vision as well as deliver shareholder value. Thru founded Cohesion by spinning the technology out of a mechanical engineering company in 2018. During her tenure, she has led Cohesion through significant milestones including raising $30+ million in funding, bringing on 20+ customers, being awarded 4 utility patents from the USPTO, and building a successful team of 30+ FTEs.

Thru has 19+ years of experience in private, public, and civic sectors of the economy holding positions across finance, business strategy, M&amp;A, entrepreneurship, and business development. Prior to Cohesion, Thru held roles at Hyatt, GE Real Estate,
Green Courte Partners, World Business Chicago, and GCM Grosvenor. She is a passionate entrepreneur focused on data, sustainability, and operating efficiencies. She is also the founding board member of Current, a water technology accelerator focused on advanced research and market-driven innovations.

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