Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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The Flight to Net Zero: Tenants and Owners as Co-Pilots

  • Room: Kansas City Convention Center - Room 3501 CD
  • Session Number:S105
Sunday,June 25, 2023:8:45 AM -9:45 AM


Ana Duffy
Sustainability Manager
Hudson Pacific Properties
Kara Kokernak
Senior Director
Urban Land Institute
Megan Saunders
Senior Managing Director of ESG
Kayne Anderson Real Estate


We all know that green buildings are better, so let’s start working to mutually achieve net zero goals. Join us in learning how building owners and tenants can be co-pilots in the journey to net zero. #netzero #collaboration #splitincentive While not every portfolio is able to go net zero today, it is increasingly cost-effective for owners and tenants to mutually achieve net zero goals as new technologies and financing become available, ensuring that new regulations will not make buildings functionally obsolete. This session examines the flight to zero with building owners and tenants working together as co-pilots to overcome the split incentive challenge via data sharing, zero net leasing, coordinated fit-outs, behavior modifications, and balancing the remaining emissions with offsite renewables and offsets.






Learning Objectives

Discover what owner/tenant collaboration looks like for you: review different methods like Behavior Change, Fit-Outs, Utility Data Sharing, Renewables

Learn how to foster owner/tenant collaboration today: focus on the "low hanging fruit" to show success and set a plan for continued progress

Work together to define and develop sustainability goals that work for both parties

Apply cost-effective case studies and industry best practices to your own building portfolio