Kansas City, MO
June 24-27, 2023

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Inclusion, Retention, Belonging: How to Attract, Engage & Retain a 5-Generation Workforce

  • Room: Kansas City Convention Center - Room 3501 CD
  • Session Number:M110
Monday,June 26, 2023:2:45 PM -3:45 PM


Scott Lesnick, CSP
Global Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author
Successful Business Solutions LLC www.scottlesnick.com


Successfully Blending the Five Generations in today’s commercial real estate industry workplace can be a tall order for any leader. Smart organizations assist all employees, especially leaders, to better understand one another and in so doing, increase productivity. and grow business It begins with open and vibrant dialogue and inclusion of all generations. Millennials and Gen. Z get a special and positive nod in this presentation and you’ll see why they’ve earned it in this fun, informative, interactive and fast paced session. Around the globe and in the U.S., today’s employees can have up to 5 different generations working side by side. And, productivity can decrease if your staff doesn’t understand the unique characteristics and talents each person/generation brings. After all, understanding and growing our talent and organizational culture creates opportunities for increased sales and productivity, higher retention and better communications between staff and departments.