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Quality Tools for Smarter, Safer and Faster Cleaning!


No matter the industry in which you work, Unger’s promise of Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning has remained the same for over 50 years. For any facility, achieving the highest level of clean is more than just a daily operation, it’s a commitment to providing your employees, staff and occupants with a safe and healthy environment for them to live, work and enjoy.

Offering the most innovative commercial cleaning tools, equipment and supplies on the market, Unger supports a diversified portfolio of industries with professional cleaning solutions that address the specific needs of your facility. Our products not only help you maintain a pristine facility, but they also improve OSHA compliance and overall employee productivity and well-being. And because you invest in quality and innovation, you’ll see the combined impact on your bottom line.

With Unger behind you, you have a facility that you’ll be proud to be a part of and one for all to enjoy. Learn more here. 


  • OmniClean Floor Cleaning System
    Unger OmniClean floor cleaning system features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the charge bucket always stays clean. With OmniClean you'll remove more than 90% of dirt from the floor and always mop with clean water!...

  • Never Mop with Dirty Water Again

    Still using a single chamber bucket with filthy, contaminated water and germ-saturated string mops? There's a better, cleaner way to truly clean your floors...

    Setting a new standard in floor cleaning, Unger OmniClean is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor care. OmniClean features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the charge bucket always stays clean. OmniClean floor care kits remove more than 90% of the dirt from the floor, isolating it in the dirty bucket and allowing you to use clean water to get the job done and leave your floors cleaner. It’s time to ditch that old mop and bucket and stop using dirty water to clean your floors!

    Cleaning Water Stays Clean 13x Longer

    With unparalleled cleaning performance, OmniClean is a completely re-engineered floor cleaning system that is the first in its class to guarantee you will always mop with clean water. Clinically proven to remove more bio-residue from floor surfaces than conventional single-chamber buckets and string mops. With OmniClean, the clean water chamber stays soil free 13x longer than single chamber buckets, allowing you to clean 13x more area before changing water.

    Advanced Floor Care Kits Design Features

    Given all of the on-board features, the OmniClean mopping system still affords all of the advantages of a compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver floor cleaning solution. The OmniClean floor care system includes:

    • Scrub Board: Removes larger dirt particles from microfiber mop pad before placing in wringer.
    • Patented Wringer: Agitates remaining debris from microfiber mop pad resulting in cleaner water and better cleaning performance.
    • StayClean Bucket: Contains a constant supply of fresh cleaning solution. Splash-free guide minimizes spills during transport.
    • Dirty Water Bucket: Separated dirty water bucket for all debris and dirt particles.
    • Ergonomic Handle: Adjustable height pole with bottle on board provides a constant supply of fresh cleaning agent. Dual swivel handles included with some kits.

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  • Stingray System
    Unger Stingray glass cleaning system cleans windows and surfaces 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning....

  • Unger Stingray glass cleaning system cleans windows and surfaces 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning. The Stingray System allows you to use your preferred window cleaning solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits Stingray provides. The New QuikPad™ provides even more flexibility, allowing you to clean without having to launder pads.

    When cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and hard surfaces, cleaning professionals face two key challenges: efficiency and safety. Current tools lead to time-consuming issues, like re-arranging furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows. The battery powered Unger Stingray increases productivity and safety by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.

    The Unger Stingray tool provides a variety of surface cleaning options, while the multiple lightweight extending poles enable you to clean any height without the use of ladders

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  • RestroomRX Cart
    These are the first janitorial cleaning carts developed as a completely coordinated system by cleaning professionals....

  • Unger's Janitorial Cleaning Carts with a Focus on Efficiency, Cleanliness & Safety

    These are the first janitorial cleaning carts developed as a completely coordinated system by cleaning professionals. Streamlined cleaning carts significantly improve worker safety and productivity. Choose from several sizes and systems to see an immediate improvement in cleaning results. These carts' secure tool storage and a variety of bucket sizes combine to create ergonomic, functional systems. Your custodians will have every tool at their disposal to guarantee sparkling results.

    Efficiency & Productivity

    The cleaning cart Storage Module eliminates restroom complaints. The effort it takes to return to a supply closet to restock supplies can waste more than time. With an expanded storage module, you’ll substantially limit trips to the supply closet. Even eliminating one trip a shift increases productivity. The patent-pending Narrow Tool Tower design allows all cleaning tools to remain within the boundaries of the cart. Since no tools hang over the outside edge of the cleaning cart, getting through even tight doorways is easy.

    Optimize Cleanliness

    From the Dual Bucket System to the Telescopic Dustpan, the tools that comprise the cleaning cart system were developed to deliver optimal productivity and cleaning results. A patent-pending Drip Tray keeps dripping from tools off the floor, and delivers ultimate bucket stability, even when going over curbs or thresholds.

    Safety & Ease of Use

    Unger's Ergo Rail eliminates poor posture. No matter which side of the cart you’re on, it can be pushed and pulled with ease. The ultimate portable cart for maneuverability,  the handrail allows you to navigate in and out of restroom entrances quicker and easier. The patented clip system ensures all tools have an identified position on the cart, are securely in place while you are moving down the hall. No bending or reaching to get tools out/off of the cart.

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