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United States
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Sustainable, resilient, healthy, productive buildings.


Created in 1990 by BRE (the Building Research Establishment), BREEAM was the first green building certification program and today is recognized as the world’s leading sustainability assessment method with over 2.2 million assets registered in 83 countries and over 565,000 certifications issued.  BRE currently offers two programs in the United States, In-Use and New Construction.

BREEAM In-Use is a rigorous, cost-effective and globally recognized online benchmarking and certification program for building sustainability performance. The standard integrates environmental performance (energy water and waste) with human health and well-being and resilience to protect the asset''s future valueBREEAM is developed using peer-reviewed building science.

BREEAM In-Use allows the independent assessment of the physical asset''s performance and building management, delivering valuable business information through benchmarking to improve performance and providing an option to certify the performance for global recognition of achievement.

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method, with more than 560,000 certificates issued in 80+ countries. BREEAM In-Use is an online environmental assessment methodology for existing buildings that allows for an independent assessment of asset performance, building management, providing a journey to understanding and improving the performance of a building or portfolio. Certification is achieved through independent, third-party assessment and is recognized by GRESB.