IWC Innovations

Greenwood,  IN 
United States
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At IWC Innovations we are a water safety company encompassing all of your water system needs, including innovative solutions for the prevention, detection, and eradication of Legionella, and a full array of water treatment services for maximum risk mitigation and efficiency.


  • Standard Feed Equipment Package
    IWC Innovation’s solution for standardizing your feed equipment for maximum optimization of your water treatment program. This package can be implemented across your entire portfolio....

  • Details:

    MegaTron XS Controller

    High quality, weather resistant controller allowing for seamless management of your automated chemical injection. Includes a conductivity sensor, relays and flow switch.

    Prefab Panel

    A controller mounting panel which includes injection quills, a bleed leg, two isolation valves.

    Chemical Pumps

    Three high end chemical pumps allowing for an automated injection of a corrosion inhibitor and two biocides into your system.

    Bleed Valve

    High quality, weatherproof, motorized ball valve allowing for automated management of contaminants levels in your cooling tower.

    Chemical Containment

    7.5-gallon weatherproof double-walled chemical container. This leak proof container ensures proper preservation of chemicals.

    BACnet Cards

    An internal add-on to your controller which allows for seamless connection to building automation systems.

  • Water Treatment Solutions
    As some of your most important capital assets at your facility, proper routine water treatment service, cleanings, corrosion monitoring, and repairs of your systems are key to ensuring maximum safety, performance, efficiency, and compliance....

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
    Offline cleaning of cooling tower and components to maximize heat exchange and energy efficiency
    ·       Complete opening of cooling tower
    ·       Top-down cleaning utilizing chemical treatments and/or power washer
    ·       Manual dislodging and spraying of louvers and other small components
    ·       Rinse/flush/suction out basin
    ·       Refill tower
    Cooling Tower Service
    A non-acid based service approach including a scale and corrosion inhibitor, and one or two biocide products designed to prevent biological fouling.
    ·       Equipment: chemical containment units & biocide timer
    ·       Treatment for maximum corrosion protection and scale prevention
    ·       Legionella testing on cooling towers while in operation
    ​·       Cooling tower testing
    ·       New tower startups
    Closed Loops
    ·       Monthly or quarterly chemical treatment
    ·       Monthly or quarterly parameter analysis
    ·       Routine loop testing
    Steam Boilers
    ·       Monthly chemical treatment
    ·       Monthly parameter analysis
    ·       Routine boiler testing
    Legionella Testing
    Routine testing of cooling tower basin to validate biocide program and reduce risk
    Detailed Service Reports
    IWC Innovations engineers provide the highest level of tailored and comprehensive service reports for your
    entire system

  • Remediations/Sanitizations
    A revolutionary organic process that eradicates Legionella - this market disrupting Legionella control is called HydroTreat....

  • Key Features of HydroTreat Remediation:

    • More effective than hyper-chlorination 
    • 8–12-hour remediation process
    • Quick mobilization of remediation teams nationwide 
    • Water supplies remain in operation 
    • Discreet deployment of remediation services
    • Detailed post-remediation reports and recommendations