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We have brought together the best independent elevator service providers in the country to deliver unmatched expertise and customer service. All of our team members share a commitment to quality, safety and performance. This means that you can trust us to deliver consistently exceptional customer care - wherever you are in the country. 

  • National resources, local service

  • Non-proprietary equipment maintenance

  • Multi-state portfolio support

  • Unwavering commitment to safety


  • Elevator Maintenance
    Save time, money and hassle with a preventive maintenance plan from AEG....

  • Preventive elevator maintenance

    Preventing unexpected repairs saves time, money and the avoidable hassle that comes along with having an elevator out of service. This prevention comes with a proactive maintenance plan that helps you care for your elevator equipment to extend the lifespan, meet your building’s safety standard at all times and gives you insight into when repairs and upgrades may be needed. Each elevator has varying needs for maintenance, and as an AEG customer, you will receive a tailored plan that is fair, flexible and fits your budget.

    A maintenance plan created just for you

    American Elevator Group and our partner companies do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” maintenance plan. Each plan, and schedule, is built for your operational needs and we will ensure that what we propose lines up with your objectives, timelines and budget.

  • Elevator Modernization
    Improve the performance and appearance of aging elevators....

  • Extend the life of your aging elevator

    We understand that the expectations of your elevator performance are high, and you want them to be operating at their peak for the entire lifespan. With proper maintenance this is possible, but there will need to be modernization upgrades that happen to keep your equipment in mint condition – perhaps to replace obsolete equipment or deteriorating parts that may make the elevator appear unsafe. AEG and our partner companies help you plan for modernization work, taking into account daily usage, local codes and regulations and building needs, and can work to incorporate any design standards into these upgrades.

    Cost-effective modernization

    A tailored elevator modernization plan will take into account all of your building and equipment specifics to create a cost-effective solution for your needs. AEG and partners will build the right timeline and identify the right areas to upgrade in order to fit any budget

    Benefits to elevator modernization projects

    Although a modernization project can appear to be a huge task, there are many residual benefits to these upgrades, such as an improved appearance, better performance or potentially lower energy costs using more modern equipment.