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Planning a smart building can be a complex process. Security concerns, multiple automated systems, new technologies, and adding digital sensors can make the digital transformation overwhelming. And leveraging and orchestrating the convergence of OT/IT, the data, and creating automation to make the “smart” happen is expensive, time-consuming and complex.
At Waylay, we replace complexity with simplicity through our hyper-automation platform, designed specifically to bring order and ease into the building automation chaos. It’s a fundamentally new way to monitor, streamline and optimize assets, equipment and business flows to de-risk the innovation process, unlock team resources and significantly impact the bottom line for commercial builders and real estate companies.

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  • (Jun 13, 2022)
    Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Platform-as-a-Service, Automation, Rules Engines, Predictive and Reactive maintenance, Orchestration, APIs, NoCode development, Citizen Developer, Salesforce, Digital Twin, SaaS, PaaS, no code, low code, IIoT, Field service, OT-IT, Industry 4.0, IoT, BYOML, and cloud agnostic

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  • Waylay IO
    Just get it done!
    A Low-Code Automation Platform to build applications fast, experiment with new use cases on the fly and an all round quicker deployment methodology for AI, IIoT, and Data Orchestration solutions.

  • Waylay IO brings an entirely new low-code business model to the developer community. It allows developers to build automation flows and use cases in no time. Its developer-friendly environment, backed by an engaged community creates the perfect setting to bring ideas to life, experiment with data and create insightful new applications and business models quicker than ever before.
  • Waylay Enterprise
    The Waylay Platform is built for Enterprises to bridge their IIoT and OT investments with their IT systems such as CRM and ERP. The ultra-scalable automation technology solves any challenge of your digital transformation journey....

  • Waylay Enterprise provides a proven cloud-agnostic solution to OT-IT unification. Its Citizen developer approach endorses innovation velocity and puts the value of data in the hands of domain experts, data scientists, and corporate tiger teams to initiate new revenue streams and guarantee high ROI for IoT data, without going through lengthy software development cycles. Waylay commits to supporting enterprises by simplifying their complex digital transformation journey when OT-IT finally converge.
  • Waylay Digital Twin
    Whether you've got 1 thousand or 1 million assets, Waylay Digital Twin provides you with real-time visibility of your assets in the field, enabling business users to monitor and manage your critical assets remotely....

  • Waylay Digital Twin is a no-code Salesforce solution that connects IoT to Salesforce and boosts the visibility of data, health and performance metrics for connected assets. Salesforce users configure asset monitoring based on the business context, create new condition-based predictive maintenance use cases, optimize remote operations and leverage asset data for consumption-based business models. Waylay Digital Twin is available on Salesforce.