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Making your world a cleaner, better-smelling place.


WizKid Products creates innovative products to keep a facility cleaner in between cleanings.

The line of WizKid Antimicrobial Mats keeps floors free from puddles, odors, and stains. All mats feature an industry-leading 30-day antimicrobial treatment, high-quality non-slip backing, and a carpet-like texture that is a step above other mats. Also, don't forget to ask about our 100' Runner Mat with the acrylic-based adhesive backing and our brand new Multi-Purpose Mat, ideal for the area below a hand-sanitizing station.

The line of Advanced Urinal Screens includes the industry-changing Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens, the only urinal screens that go up the back wall of a urinal, and the BRAND NEW Stingray Urinal Screens, the urinal screens that do more than just lay there.

Making your world a cleaner, better-smelling place, WizKid Products.

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  • Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen
    Stops splash where guys aim

    • No Splash Reduces splashback where guys generally aim, keeping you and the restroom cleaner
    • 60-Day Fragrance Lasts twice as long as most urinal screens and is also available as fragrance-free.
    • Patented Product The only urinal screen on the market that goes up the back wall of a urinal
    • Cleaner Drains Loaded with an enzymatic drain cleaner to reduce build-up down the line
  • Stingray Urinal Screens
    A Urinal Screen That Does More Than Just Lay There...

    • Fits In Virtually Every Urinal Designed with flex points to provide coverage in almost every size and style of urinal
    • Stays In Place The Tether Tab allows the screen to be attached to the urinal, keeping it in place before and after each flush.
    • Reduces Splashback The multi-length spines reduce splashback when men aim at the bottom of the urinal.
    • Drain Domes Are No Problem Designed with a punchout area to allow the screen to function around the drain dome.
    • Long-Lasting Fragrance Fragrance load provides a deodorizing fragrance for up to 30 days.
    • Cleaner Drains Loaded with an enzymatic drain cleaner to reduce build-up
  • Antimicrobial Original Urinal Mat
    Protect floors below wall-mount urinals from puddles, odors, and stains. The rubber backing keeps the mat in place, and the antimicrobial kills 99% of germs in under six hours, stopping odors before they start....


    No man likes to stand in another man’s pee

    • PREMIUM PRESENTATION Carpet-like texture is a step above traditional pads
    • ODOR KILLING ACTION Antimicrobial compounds built into the fibers neutralize germs that cause odors
    • EFFICIENT CARE Prevents floor staining and keeps a restroom cleaner in between cleanings
    • SMART DESIGN The contoured shape is made for ergonomic use below urinals
    • MAINTENANCE-FREE The fiber configuration promotes rapid air drying
    • ATTRACTIVE CHOICES Choose the color that complements your decor
    • AFFORDABLE Costs only pennies a day depending on traffic
    • MADE IN THE USA Proudly made in the state of Georgia