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See Heraeus Noblelight's Soluva line of UVC (UVGI) air disinfection solutions including in-duct systems for building HVAC and in-room wall-mounted or portable purifiers. These scientifically proven solutions fight infectious aerosols sich as COVID pathogens and variants, flu and cold viruses and more, improving the indoor air quality in your building. The CDC, ASHRAE, and OSHA recommend a layered approach that includes UVGI air disinfection to protect occupants from infectious aerosols.

Talk with our UV air disinfection experts about making your building a healthy building, one where employees feel comfortable working and that tenants are demanding post-pandemic. 

Heraeus Noblelight is a global technology company focused on photonic solutions for manufacturing, analytics, disinfection and more. Technologies include infrared, ultraviolet curing and disinfection, and specialty light sources.

Brands:Soluva Air D, Soluva Air F, Soluva Air T

  Press Releases

  • Heraeus Noblelight, a specialist for industrial light source solutions, announces Soluva® Air W UVC (UVGI) air disinfection units are helping provide protection from COVID-19 pathogens for employees at its facilities in Gaithersburg, MD and Buford, GA. Now in addition to social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing safety measures, the UV-C (UVGI) devices make the working environment even safer and help avoid business disruptions due to employee infections.

    Like other manufacturers Heraeus Noblelight wanted to do everything they could to protect our employees and avoid business disruptions. Even though most employees are now vaccinated, the vaccines are not 100% effective and of course mutations are an ongoing risk. In addition to usual hygiene practices, the Soluva UVGI disinfection devices are an engineering control measure that provides a consistent and reliable way for Heraeus Noblelight to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 as well as future viruses and seasonal colds and flu.

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  • The new Soluva® Air F UVC air purifier is simple, serene and strong

    The in-room disinfection device is ideal for fighting COVID variants, flu and cold in schools, offices, control rooms, conference and training rooms, and other spaces needing improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

    Gaithersburg, MD - Heraeus Noblelight announced today the release of the Soluva Air F, an in-room UVC air purification device designed to disinfect room air. Both the OSHA and the CDC recommend UV-C disinfection technology as an effective and safe engineering control for fighting airborne viruses. UV-C light improves IAQ providing an additional layer of protection that doesn’t rely on human behaviors such as mask wearing. Commercial building owners, property and facility managers, and building engineers can install the Soluva Air F easily and quickly to protect employees, students, patients, and customers.

    A second generation in-room device, the Soluva Air F offers many improvements based on customer feedback and additional lab testing. The device is simple to use, either mounted on a wall or placed anywhere in a room using the mobile stand, and plugs into any wall outlet. Its high-quality, unobtrusive design and nearly silent operation mean it is barely noticeable, creating a serene environment in any occupied room.

    The Soluva Air F uses UV-C light to effectively clean indoor air of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. With its high air flow rate and strong UV-C lamps, it provides fast and reliable protection - with a tested virus reduction of 99.99%.

    In contrast to comparable air cleaning devices, Soluva Air F works completely without chemicals, produces no ozone or other harmful by-products, and operates without filters, eliminating the need for expensive regular filter changes. And compared to upper-room UV-C devices, the Soluva Air F continuously circulates the room air through the unit to provide faster air changes per hour.

    Soluva Air F is particularly suitable for shared spaces such as operations centers and control rooms, kindergartens and schools, cafés and restaurants, doctors' office waiting rooms, nursing homes, offices and retail stores.

    UV disinfection is effective against viruses and their mutants

    UV disinfection works by inactivating the viruses’ genetic information, which works for the original virus as well as with newly emerging mutations. UV disinfection also destroys flu viruses, cold viruses and other dangerous germs. Due to UV disinfection’s special mode of action, viruses cannot develop any resistance as can happen with chemicals.

    Find more information about air purification with UV light visit www.Soluva.com.

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  • Soluva Air D UV-C in-duct air disinfection
    Soluva Air D is an in-duct UVC (UVGI) air disinfection device for reducing infectious aerosols in building HVAC and ventilation systems reliably and effectively....

  • Soluva® Air D helps you create a healthy building by eliminating infectious aerosols thus improving indoor air quality and the well-being of building occupants.

    The Soluva Air D in-duct UVGI air disinfection device retrofits into existing HVAC and ventilation ducts. The high intensity UV-C lamps reliably disinfect the airstream passing through the lamps. The result is purified, germ-free supply air throughout a building. The modular devices are available in various sizes and easy to retrofit into existing buildings without the need to increase fan or air handler capacity. No filters to replace with the possibility of reintroducing harmful microbes.

    Soluva Air D Safe to use in occupied buildings with no ozone or other harmful brproducts produced. UV-C light is proven to inactivate COVID-19 pathogens, variants, flu and other microbes, now and long into the future.

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  • Soluva® Air F in-room UV-C (UVGI) air disinfection
    Soluva Air F is an in-room UV-C (UVGI) air disinfection device designed for removing infectious aerosols in rooms and can be wall-mounted, or stand-mounted for portable use....

  • The Soluva® Air F is simple, serene and strong. It cleans viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from room air reliably and almost silently with the help of UVC light. With its high air flow rate, it provides fast and safe protection - a tested virus reduction of 99.99%.

    It is exceptionally quiet, so it is barely noticeable during daily use in offices, control rooms, medical practice waiting rooms, and more. In contrast to comparable air purifiers, Soluva Air F works completely without chemicals, produces no ozone or other by-products, and operates without filters, eliminating the need for expensive regular filter changes. 

    Soluva Air F mounts easily onto the wall or mobile stand for portable use. It is ideal for rooms needing supplemental air disinfection due to: poor ventilation, high occupancy, or especially at-risk occupants such as immunocompromised individuals. Simply place the unit where needed, plug it in and turn it on to begin protecting the wellbeing of room occupants immediately.

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