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Simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people.


TouchSource delivers simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people. Our captivating digital displays and IoT- connected directory solutions improve the experience of tenants, visitors and retail shoppers. We create intelligent digital experiences in residential, business, retail and public spaces with relevant, engaging content that moves people where it matters. Our digital signage solutions are simple to deploy, easy to use and low effort to maintain. We take the pain out of change as you upgrade your spaces with beautifully-designed, functionally-fit digital signs and directories. Just ask the 10,000 customers we've proudly served the TouchSource way. 

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  Show Specials

  • TouchSource is holding a RAFFLE at BOMA 2022!!!! Enter to win a new directory media player and a 1-year premium content subscription. 

    Winner will receive: 

    • 1 FREE Media Player, and
    • 1 Year Subscription of TouchSource Inspire software, our ultimate content package that includes vivid art backgrounds, transit, curated infotainment, analytics, and other interactive features.

    HOW TO ENTER: Visit the TouchSource booth #407 and leave your business card in the bowl at our table. The winner will be announced:

    • June 26, 2022
    • 3:00 p.m.
    • Expo Floor, Booth #407

    Must be present to win. 

  Press Releases

  • TouchSource Launches Next-Generation Platform for Place-Based Communications

    TouchSource Spark PX™ Platform dramatically simplifies every aspect of place-based communications—from powerfully easy visitor self-service to effortless scalability of smart digital signage networks.

    DENVER, CO [May 12, 2022] – Post-pandemic customer research revealed that today’s commercial real estate space is changing so quickly that property managers have difficulty finding time to do basic things, let alone complex tasks. With changes in the workforce, property managers increasingly oversee five or six properties, with some reporting that they’re “lucky to see each property once a week.” Further, changing public health requirements have forced facility management teams to react daily to signage updates years after the pandemic began. Last, construction delays and labor shortages have forced teams to be more agile than ever and increasingly reliant on adaptable digital signage, wayfinding and visitor services.

    TouchSource, the leader in smart digital signage, offers award-winning digital building services that deliver interactive visitor and tenant communications solutions. Now, they are pleased to announce the release of the TouchSource Spark Place Experience Platform™ (Spark PX™). Spark PX is a new enterprise-grade platform for place-based digital communications that transforms the entire experience of planning, creating, installing, managing and monitoring digital signage portfolios across teams, buildings, networks and regions.

    Spark PX simplifies the effort to deliver an outstanding visitor and tenant experience for people who want more from the places where they work, relax and gather. Built on cutting-edge technologies, Spark PX equips property owners, operating companies and building managers with the ability to free up time, people and capacity as all navigate hybrid teams, schedules and changing tenant demands.

    Simplify Operations by reducing the number of tools needed to seamlessly communicate with visitors and tenant communities. Property managers benefit from effortless user and profile management tools that let them delegate workload easily without additional cost for more logins or users. Core Spark PX features include multi-site, multi-user and multi-screen management. Users also can reduce the juggling act by outsourcing constant content changes, photo and messaging updates, or design refreshes to TouchSource’s team of digital platform managers.

    Orchestrate the Chaos and get ahead of the fast-changing, hybrid working world by scheduling and dynamically changing listings, content, events, and messaging through the platform. The platform also delivers enhanced integration capabilities for easy connections to business apps, marketing content tools, emergency messaging apps, and more. With the Spark PX platform, TouchSource extended the intuitive design to more business needs, including simple tools for managing regional, nationwide, campus or building display networks with the click of a button.

    AI-Powered Problem Detection and Enterprise Level Security is available through proactive monitoring that leverages deep learning algorithms to predict, detect, and resolve issues before they become a problem. Also, TouchSource’s enterprise-grade platform takes advantage of Linux and other leading software technologies to keep client solutions secure and scalable. Now, smart digital signage can adaptably handle the rise in security threats and connect more smoothly to future technology needs.

    “At Granite Properties, our goal is creating connected office communities in which companies can flourish. TouchSource has helped us reach that goal by making it easier to communicate and engage with our customers across all our properties. The new digital platform gives our local Property Experience teams the ability to collaborate easier and inspire people to flourish in our communities,” said Laurel Patel, RPA®Sr. Manager, Community Experience & Customer Insights, Granite Properties.

    “Spark PX is important to building owners and property managers because they can let us handle complexity while they focus on other work,” said Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource. “Nobody has time to take a class or learn to use technology in today’s hectic world. New tools must work with zero training. With Spark PX, users are up and running in minutes. That’s the power of the platform; it dramatically simplifies daily work and is easy to use. That’s why we already have over 150 customer sites live on the platform and are adding more every week.”



    TouchSource delivers simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people. Our captivating digital displays and IoT-connected directory solutions improve the experience of tenants, visitors and shoppers. We create intelligent digital experiences in residential, business, retail, healthcare and public spaces with relevant, engaging content that moves people where it matters. Our digital signage solutions are simple to deploy, easy to use, mobile-enabled and low effort to maintain. Just ask our customers who we’ve proudly served over 10,000 times the TouchSource way.