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Eklund's Custom Elevator Interiors

We offer building owners and property managers with a wide range of custom solutions to meet both aesthetic desires and budget requirements for elevator interior renovation projects. Our total elevator cab solutions include design, manufacturing and installation of luxury, custom-crafted cab interiors, and a wide selection of  StreamLine standard cab interiors. 

Eklund’s skilled team offers customers who are starting from the drawing board with guidance in material selection and complete design services.  In addition, our StreamLine Cab Design Studio provides the opportunity to build virtual standard cab prototypes online using pre-engineered panels and pre-selected materials. 

New CabShield anti-microbial elevator solutions are also avalible to help stop the spread.

With 37+ years of experience, Eklund’s takes pride in offering customers leading-edge design, quality craftsmanship, dependability & prompt on-time delivery.

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  • Custom Elevator Cab Interiors
    Custom Elevator Cabs & Interiors...

  • Eklund's crafts complete elevator cabs and custom elevator interiors for new construction and renovation projects. Our wide range of custom elevator cab solutions allow customers to meet both aesthetic desires and budget requirements. We also offer a wide selection of StreamLine standard cab interiors.

    Our total elevator cab solutions include design, manufacturing, and installation.

    View Eklund's custom cabs in our Photo Gallery.

    Complete Elevator Cabs

    • Freight/Service Cabs
    • Passenger Cabs
    • Glass Observation Cabs
    • Custom Cab Shells

    Custom Elevator Interiors

    • Freight/Service
    • Passenger

    Interior Components

    • Panels
    • Ceilings
    • Handrails
    • Front Returns
  • StreamLine
    Standard Elevator Cab Interiors...

  • With StreamLine, it’s easy to achieve a custom cab look at a standard cab price and lead time. Since StreamLine cabs are pre-engineered, it significantly shortens the design cycle, reduces production time and saves customers money.

    This standard cab line includes eight pre-engineered passenger cabs, three observation cabs, and two freight/service cabs. Choose from more than 140+ panel finishes. In addition, Streamline offers six handrails and seven ceilings all with multiple finish options.

    Our StreamLine Cab Design Studio, a virtual design tool, lets you experiment with cab configurations and finishes, and see them rendered right before your eyes! It’s easy to specify configurations and materials for both new cabs and renovation projects. See for yourself -- Register or Sign In to begin designing your StreamLine cab today!

    StreamLine Highlights:
    • Custom cab look at a standard cab price, starting at $10,000* per cab
      (*Base cost for panels, ceiling, handrails, crating & freight. Price depends on finishes selected. Existing cab tear-out & installation not included.)
    • Pre-engineered designs for shorter design cycle/production time
    • 8 passenger, 3 observation & 2 freight/service panel configurations
    • User-friendly StreamLine Cab Design Studio
    • 140 finishes to choose from
    • Six handrail designs
    • Seven ceiling layouts
    • Easy installation featuring clip-in system

    Register or Sign In to start designing!

  • CabShield
    Anti-Microbial Elevator Interiors...

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eklund’s has created elevator cab solutions designed to help keep passengers safe from pathogens.

    Eklund’s CabShield™ was developed to rapidly and continuously disinfect elevator interiors and keep riders better protected against the transmission of infectious diseases.

    Elevators cabs that are equipped with our CabShield components offer increased safety and peace of mind for passengers.
    Emits UV light to help actively kill pathogens and disinfect surfaces inside the cab like buttons, handrails, walls & floors.
    Applies HEPA filtration/UV light to continuously remove airborne pathogens and move healthy purified air into the cab.
    Utilizes specially designed anti-microbial and easy-to-disinfect finishes that help reduce pathogens on surfaces and are also aesthetically pleasing.
    For more info about CabShield, please fill out the form to the right
    or contact us at sales@eklunds.com