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Experience touch-free solutions by dormakaba.

Access, security, and productivity

The office is where the magic happens. It’s where employees come together to generate know-how, solve problems, and collaborate with partners and customers. So how do we ensure their workspace is safe, efficient, and secure? We are uniquely qualified to meet the modern challenges facing today’s workplace. Our complete range of access solutions and security systems help you ensure their workspace is efficient and secure. Collaboration can flourish, and even secure areas can be made welcoming and pleasant. The office stays safe, and you get peace of mind.

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  • SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile
    Beneath an elegant exterior design lies a true powerhouse of technology. The SU5000 with bi-directional motorized swinging barriers is the culmination of Alvarado’s many years of optical turnstile design and manufacturing experience....

  • Elegant Design

    The SU5000 is simply a beautiful product. Its rounded lines, contoured edges and liberal use of crystal clear materials create a very upscale look suitable for any premium lobby.  With the industry’s slimmest cabinet design, the SU5000 slim size and very compact footprint saves floor space and allows use of optical turnstiles in areas where space is a premium.

    Key Features:

    • Three-panel height options
    • Slimmest available cabinet width
    • Standard and handicapped width lanes have same cabinet dimensions
    • Shared center cabinets to create multiple lane configurations
    • Highly intuitive LED illuminated user graphics embedded in turnstile lid
    • Crystal clear swinging and fixed side panels
    • Cabinet finish and lid color options to blend with any environment
    • Optional panel etching and/or panel illumination

    Added Benefits:

    • Modern design blends with any lobby
    • Slim cabinets allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces
    • Transparent panels look great and increase visibility
    • Cabinet and lid options to blend with any environment
    • Visual graphics provide guidance to users
    • Optional floor saver platform eliminates the need for anchoring and trenching through floor

  • CPST-TE Touch-Free, Motorized Full Height
    The CPST-TE is a touch-free, motorized full height turnstile with crystal clear rotating arms and side panels for a less industrial look, and is best suited for indoor or covered outdoor applications....

  • Hygienic, touch-free access control

    The CPST-TE offers 100% touch-free functionality, along with crystal clear rotating arms and side panels that dramatically enhance the turnstile’s appearance. After presenting a valid entry credential, an overhead sensor detects the user as they enter. Rotation begins and completes automatically, eliminating the need for users to push their way through the turnstile. In free pass mode, users simply walk into the passage area. The overhead sensor detects the users presence and starts the rotation cycle, allowing exit. The result is a smooth and secure, completely contactless entry and exit passage.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • True contactless entry
    • No need to push though turnstile
    • Reduces time and costs associated with sanitizing turnstile arms
    • Crystal clear rotating arms and side panels
    • Overhead sensor smoothly starts motorized rotation
    • Suitable for indoor and select, covered outdoor applications
    • Provides a high throughput rate
    • Integrates with any access control system
    • Reduces staffing requirements
    • Touch-free field kits available to retrofit installed full height turnstiles
    • Quiet, safe operation
    • Single or bi-directional access control
    • Either rotation direction can be fail-safe or fail-secure

    Additional Motorized, Touch-free Models:

  • SRD Security Revolving Door
    The SRD is ideal for unmanned, high traffic employee entrances and eliminates common security threats like piggybacking and tailgating....

  • Superior construction

    Constructed of fully formed and welded aluminum, bronze, or steel, the Crane 2000 Series Revolving Door’s enclosure and canopy are by far the best in the industry. The 2000’s door wings are equally well built—fabricated from aluminum, bolted together with heavy-duty fasteners, then clad with stainless steel or bronze for a sleek appearance. The façade attachments are fully customizable.

    Key Features:

    • Anti-tailgating prevents unauthorized access in the opposite direction and in the subsequent chamber
    • Anti-piggybacking restricts access to a single confirmed person
    • Fail secure with battery backup
    • Door wings fabricated from aluminum, bolted together with heavy-duty fasteners, then clad with stainless steel or bronze for a sleek appearance.
    • Dozens of options and several finishes available

    Added Benefits:

    • Best in class security
    • Designed for long term continuous usage
    • One-to-one passage control deters tailgating
    • Great looking product, regardless of finish
    • Can be fabricated to meet your security goals