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Pest control in commercial property management is intricate and one of facility manager’s top priorities. As a local pest control company with more than 125 years of experience in the industry, Waltham Pest Services should be your first choice to deal with the most common pests that can threaten your building. As a full-service pest control company, we know the best ways to deal with cockroaches, rodents, and the most important pest in apartment buildings – bed bugs. But we also know that the inside of your building isn’t the only thing that matters. We can help with mosquito and tick control so that your residents are just as safe around your building as they are inside it. Your building is also your residents’ home. Our UltiClean™ disinfectant treatment will kill 99.99% of almost 50 bacteria, viruses, and pathogens – including the one that causes COVID-19. While we are keeping your residents safe and healthy, we will also make you look good. With many branches throughout New England, you’ll never have to wait for an appointment again – including emergency calls! We are discreet and professional. Contact us at 866-974-PEST or visit walthamservices.com for a free consultation.

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  • Bed Bug Control
    Bed bugs can make their way into your building by hitching a ride on luggage, backpacks – even a pant leg! Any building is susceptible and once they are in, they’re hard to get out. Waltham Pest Services can help....

  • Bed bugs are not only expert hiders, but they are expert hitchhikers. Having them in your building is no indication of how clean it is or isn’t. Although cluttered buildings will give them more places to hide, they are just as likely to show up at a five-star hotel than they are anywhere else. And once they are in, they are difficult to see until there are either a lot of them or you get complaints. That’s usually why a mere introduction can lead to an infestation in what seems like very little time. They can and do reproduce quickly, but a trained eye can catch them early and therefore take care of them before they get out of hand.  Once you get complaints from residents, your reputation has already started taking a major hit. That’s why you need a pest control company with discreet, proactive methods when it comes to dealing with bed bugs – so you never have to deal with that negative review with the word bed bug in it again. Waltham Pest Services is that pest control company. Our technicians are not only trained to see what an untrained eye cannot, but our bed bug control techniques and treatments are guaranteed. That’s the kind of bed bug service you need.

  • Waltham® Scenting Services
    Our new scenting services can either neutralize a foul odor in your garbage areas or add a pleasant scent where there may not be one at all. No matter which you need in your building, we got you covered....

  • Often overlooked, smell is the sense most strongly connected to the emotional center in our brains. In fact, we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear, or taste. That goes for both good and bad smells! Our scenting program could be the solution you’ve been looking for. We can help neutralize the odors that can naturally occur in garbage or dumpster areas with our AirErase™ product. It won't mask the odors. It will neutralize lingering foul odors to make the air in the area fresher to smell and to breath. Our AirEnhance™ product will truly enhance the air in your space with a natural scent that people can associate with your building. Either way, our scenting services can help your building smell fresher and healthier.

  • Cockroach Control
    Cockroaches can hide in the tiniest of cracks. Our cockroach control includes the trained eye of our technicians coupled with the most up to date technologies for controlling this bacteria-spreading pests....

  • You know what a cockroach sighting can do for your reputation, but do you also know just how many different types of bacteria and germs these pests can track around? We do. They eat feces and therefore carry about 33 different types of bacteria, six types of parasitic worms, and seven kinds of human pathogens. All of that is terrible yet what it can do to your business is worse. One bad review mentioning cockroaches could ruin everything. And how long could it take to win back the lost trust? Taking proactive measures now can save you that heartache down the road. That’s why we take this pest so seriously. Our team of highly trained technicians employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, which emphasize prevention techniques, education, and on-going maintenance in addition to dealing with the cockroaches that may have found their way into your building already. But we don’t stop there. We will perform a comprehensive sanitation audit, install preventative procedures, continuously monitor, and place baits discreetly throughout your property. We won’t just get rid of cockroaches we will partner with you, so you know the steps to take to make sure they don’t come back.