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Phoenixville,  PA 
United States
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Increase Safety with Form-A-Tread®

Form-A-Tread® is a Form-in-Place tread making epoxy used to increase safety on stairs, ramps, walkways, wet areas, irregular surfaces and any place where additional foot or vehicle traction and visibility are needed.

Form-A-Tread contains a slip-resistant aggregate so provides years of service. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is exceptionally durable in areas exposed to chemical, weather, and temperature extremes. Its paste (no drip) consistency makes it clean and easy to use, even on sloped and irregular surfaces. Form-A-Tread adheres to a wide variety of porous and non porous surfaces like concrete, stone, brick, wood, fiberglass, and metal (no priming needed).

Form-A-Tread GLOW® is a patented, Glow in the Dark, anti-slip epoxy that is applied to leading edges of steps, landings and any place where additional visibility and traction in low light or blackout conditions are needed. GLOW is ICC 2009 / NYC Buildings 2014 Construction Code compliant and meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM E 2072.

Form-A-Tread Self Leveling combines epoxy binder with colored aggregate to create a decorative, non-skid surface on larger surfaces like walkways and floors.

Brands: Form-A-Tread, Form-A-Tread GLOW, Form-A-Tread Self Leveling, Tread Grit

 Press Releases

  • Phoenixville, PA -- Dec. 1, 2020 --   Form-A-Tread was named a Top Product of 2020 by the editors of Building Services Management Magazine in their December 2020 issue. 

    Form-A-Tread -- the flagship product of Form-A-Tread Company -- is a customizable, one hundred percent epoxy paste that bonds permanently to concrete, stone, wood, metal, epoxy or PU coating, and any interior or exterior building surface. With low odor and 0% VOC, its formula is safe and easily installed by facilities personnel. It is chemical and abrasion resistant, and is proven to withstand weather extremes, ice melt chemicals, snow shovels, and the wear and tear of heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

    Bob Finkenaur, founder and president of Form-A-Tread Company, developed his product in 2015 in response to a need for a more durable and cost-effective anti-slip solution in the workplace. "Traditional tapes and paints don't work well," says Finkenaur. "They chip and peel and need to be replaced about every six months. Our product has more than ten times the durability of traction tape or paint, so it performs well and looks great for years. Most of our customers -- including Disney World, Yankee Stadium, AMTRAK, and Madison Square Garden -- have an extremely high volume of employee and customer traffic, and they're very happy with Form-A-Tread." 

    In addition to its flagship product, Form-A-Tread Company also manufactures and sells Form-A-Tread GLOW, a patented photoluminescence and slip-resistant forumlation designed for emergency egress; and Form-A-Tread SL (Self-Leveling), an epoxy binder combined with colored aggregate to create a decorative, non-skid surface on walkways, ramps, floors and other larger areas. 

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