Lyncole XIT Grounding

Torrance,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1133

Provider of lightning protection and grounding solutions.

Lyncole is the original patent holder of the Electrolytic Grounding System that has become the protection standard in the industry. Using our decades of experience, we engineer lightning resilient solutions using site-specific Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Lightning Warning systems. Each lightning protection solution we design is site-specific and tailored to the specific needs of the application by our engineering experts. A pioneer in the lighting protection and grounding industries for over forty years. Lyncole has the largest staff of full-time engineers in the industry! We have serviced over 21,000 organizations in more than ninety countries. We are proud to serve a wide variety of industries, and help bring these products and services to facilities around the world.

Brands: XIT Grounding Rods