AGF Manufacturing, Inc.

Malvern,  PA 
United States
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Mfg of specialized Fire Sprinkler products & components

AGF is the designer and manufacturer of the most reliable and versatile line of inspector's test and drain valves, auxiliary drains, corrosion monitors, air venting valves, and accessories in the fire sprinkler industry.   

AGF revolutionized the fire sprinkler industry with the Model 1000 TESTANDRAIN® single valve inspector’s test which eliminated the time and space consuming traditional loop assembly.  Since then, TESTANDRAIN® valves have been installed in countless systems throughout the world. 

Over the years, AGF has introduced a number of unique products, including anti-trip drum drips and corrosion monitors, that accommodate the varying demands of the fire protection industry and help manage fire safety systems more efficiently, resulting in more reliable systems that save resources. 

At AGF, we are continually working in the field to improve existing products and deliver innovative, reliable, and code-compatible fire protection products for commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems worldwide. Our product line includes: TESTANDRAIN®, COLLECTANDRAIN®, CORRINSITE™, PURGENVENT™, REMOTETEST®, INSPECTOR’STEST™, and RISERPACK™.


 Press Releases

  • MALVERN, PA, March 3, 2021 —AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce the Model 5900 Flood Eliminator, an attachment that prevents broken auxiliary drains from flooding a facility. The Model 5900 is designed to allow condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip. If presented with the pressurized flow that would result from a failed drum drip, it automatically trips to cut off that flow, eliminating the flooding and damage that would result from the system’s failure. The Flood Eliminator can be pre-assembled to AGF’s COLLECTANDRAIN auxiliary drains or retrofitted to existing auxiliary drains.

    The patent-pending Model 5900 is designed to be installed above the top valve of a typical auxiliary drain assembly and is housed in a 3.5” brass body with a 1” female NPT inlet and a 1” male NPT outlet. If the drain below a Flood Eliminator fails, the dry valve will open, resulting in a pressurized water entering the system flowing towards the break. When this high-velocity pressurized flow reaches the specially engineered internal mechanism of the Flood Eliminator, it will shut down the flow and stop the flooding.

    The Flood Eliminator does not require power and will automatically reset when the system is reset. It is compatible with dry and pre-action systems using standard compressed air or nitrogen. To learn more about the Model 5900 Flood Eliminator, the COLLECTANDRAIN line, or to find a distributor, visit

  • MALVERN, PA, February 3, 2021 —AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce their COLLECTANDRAIN Self-Maintaining and Automatic Auxiliary drains. The Model 5450 Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain and the Model 5500 Automatic Auxiliary Drain are the latest in their line of heated auxiliary drain cabinets and include all the benefits of the original Model 5400. Model 5450 features the ability to self-maintain the drain level and allow for better-regulated maintenance. Model 5500 includes a fully automatic mode that triggers an electronic draining sequence.

    The COLLECTANDRAIN line includes a series of auxiliary drains in several configurations to meet and exceed NFPA 13 and 25 standards addressing drainage recommendations for dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. COLLECTANDRAIN heated cabinets are temperature controlled to prevent freezing and include integrated NFPA 25 signage on a lockable cabinet.

    Model 5450 incorporates a unique new feature designed to prevent the auxiliary drain from filling beyond the safety level of the cabinet by automatically shedding condensation from the drum drip in small amounts. After a certain level of condensation has accumulated in the auxiliary drain, additional condensation will spill into a drain trap that is designed to allow it to drain from the system automatically without tripping the dry valve.

    The Model 5500 goes beyond that to provide full automation. A programmable logic control (PLC) allows for fully automatic emptying of the auxiliary drain. Set the Model 5500 to automatically empty when the drain is full or wait for the unit to send an alert to the Fire Control Panel or Building Automation System and empty it with the push of an on-site or remote button.

    To learn more about the COLLECTANDRAIN line, or to find an AGF distributor near you, visit