QEA Tech

Markham,  ON 
  • Booth: 1036

QEA Tech is driving the future of the Building envelope energy audit, by providing fast, quantitative, nondisruptive audits. We use industrial drones to fly around your building and capture thousands of visual and thermal images which are then processed through our in-house proprietary software that decodes every pixel to provide you ultra-practical data and major insights into your infrastructure’s energy efficiency. Our analysis and visualisation tools are present in 2 forms-a comprehensive building health report and a 3D reconstruction of your assets with very high positional accuracy and at-a-glance view with defined energy zones. Our technology can help identify issues like : structural cracks, roof deficiencies, inadequate wall insulation, thermal bridging, improper structural joints, clogged duct exhausts and much more. The data can also help to unlock retrofit potential of the buildings as we calculate specific energy savings and payback time that result from addressing the issues that we identify .

 Press Releases

  • QEA Tech – a Markham-based climate-tech & energy audit startup that combines Drone Inspections with Artificial Intelligence, has announced funding of $1.1 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

    The announcement comes as part of a series of $44.3 M in strategic investments by SDTC (announced this month by the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry) in eleven (11) Canadian climate-tech companies – to help accelerate their global growth.

    With the help of its five industry partners, QEA Tech will take on projects worth $2.6 million to improve the energy efficiencies of buildings and infrastructure in the already built environment that is an essential component of transitioning into the ‘Low Carbon Society’. 

    The company’s novel technology of quantifying energy losses through the building envelope helps Building Managers and owners to make reliable, data-driven decisions while prioritizing energy upgrades. Its fast, non-disruptive, comprehensive reporting systems along with sophisticated inspections and 3D model-generation capabilities provide users with a sustainable edge in the industry.

    Rectifying the anomalies in the building envelope can help recoup up to 51% of energy loss in the building. The available methods in this industry are either inefficient or capital intensive in pinpointing these energy losses. QEA Tech’s state-of-the-art technology can help stakeholders tackle this issue and embrace a holistic and long-term approach.

    “We extend our thanks to SDTC and the Government of Canada for supporting QEA Tech’s mission to help property owners and managers embrace a holistic and data-driven approach to building retrofit projects and reduce their GHG emissions. This funding provides QEA Tech access to a large portfolio of buildings across the country, helping us unlock major data collection opportunities and scale up much faster in Canada and globally.”

    -Peyvand Melati, CEO, QEA Tech.

  • Edifice Rex, a national sales organization, has signed an agreement with Toronto-based QEA Tech to represent that company in the U.S. The two companies’ initial joint activity is exhibiting at both the BOMA2021 show (booth 1036) in Boston, October 6-9, and the BuildingsNY show (booth 236) in New York, October, 20-21.

    QEA Tech provides innovative solutions for commercial, residential, educational, hospital, and industrial building owners and operators with proprietary technology that identifies, quantifies, and determines solutions to energy loss and other structural problems. This patent-pending system provides owners and operators financial savings; improves the quality of life for employees, guests, and tenants; and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the environment.

    QEA Tech has been highly successful in Canada, with more than 150 clients ranging from the Canadian government to that nation’s largest banks.

    QEA Tech provides its clients with comprehensive data, unavailable to the marketplace before, about the thermal behavior of a building’s envelope by deploying leading-edge drone technology and energy industry expertise that assists clients in achieving their cost management and sustainability goals. This unprecedented technology prioritizes repairs by evaluating the payback and ROI of repairs by taking thousands of Infrared (IR) images and pairing them with its patent-pending software with a proprietary algorithm to provide an unprecedented level of detail for its clients.

    Edifice Rex has sales representatives in 20 states covering the East, Midwest, and Texas. The Edifice Rex management team and its sales representatives provide its U.S. clients with local support to assure that all projects are implemented on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.