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United States
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Prepare and react to the unexpected events in your building!

Massey Disaster Planning has been on the front lines of building emergency preparedness for over 30 years.  When you're creating emergency response protocols and systems, experience is essential.

Massey systems and technologies include The Massey App - action advice for more than 130 emergency events, with simple-to-understand action lists, information assembled from 400 years of First Responder experience. In addition, Massey offers emergency communication with mass notification capabilities, training and virtual resources to include virtual evacuation drills.

With The Massey App, staff can access data including floor plans, riser diagrams, vital shut-offs and more, quickly accessible from Apple or Android hand-held devices.  Even if power is lost, the information is still available, along with a flexible communication system.

Massey not only protects the tallest, highest profile buildings in most cities throughout North America, including CNN Center, First Canadian Place, Brookfield Place and the new Hudson Yards development but buildings of all types and sizes to include mixed use, residential, medical and industrial.

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 Press Releases

  • With over three decades of emergency management experience, Massey is the world leader in disaster pre-planning.  Massey preplans are in building across the country, protecting over 800MSF of CRE, including many of the highest profile buildings in the US.  Our unparalleled expertise, reaction guides and advanced solutions help the commercial real estate world meet not just long-term threats, but to prepare for whatever threats may happen in the future.


  • The Training Portal
    Cutting-edge technology allows staff and tenants to access a website filled with information and resources on natural and man made threats specifically designed with your building in mind to ensure your tenants are prepared for the any type of emergency....

  • Training Courses and Quizzes: The training courses and quizzes help prepare tenants and staff in the building for emergency events. These quizzes will range from hurricanes, active shooters, and continue all the way to information that is customized to reacting in your specific building such as locating proper stairwells and your operating procedure in an emergency.


    1. Customized building overview
    2. Fire Response
    3. Natural Disasters
    4. Human Threat
    5. Medical Emergency
    6. Coronavirus

    Completion Reports: A reporting function that can be printed and provided to required parties such as insurance companies, municipalities, or supervisors to ensure all tenant coordinators are taking advantage of this training opportunity.

    Easy to Use Dashboard: The dashboard is set up with ease of use in mind. The dashboard is where everything from adding a new user to generating reports is done. The easy to navigate links make finding all this valuable information a quick click on the dashboard.

    Training Portal Customizations: Massey offers the option to customize the training portal with colors, logos, and the overall functionality for any client building. Your (supplied by client) building photo(s) will also be featured throughout the training portal, as you move from screen to screen.

    Website Branding: Customized branding of the training portal address to the individual property or company. Example:

    Training Portal Manual: A manual that provides a step by step guide on everything and anything that can be done on the training portal. In addition to the manual, we are also available for tech support.

    Ongoing Tenant Training Support: If you are interested in having Massey provide ongoing management of your tenant training portal services, we welcome the opportunity to customize an additional service agreement to fit your needs. 

  • Massey Pre-Plans
    A complete emergency pre-plan for office, residential, mixed used, medical and industrial building to include a fire department summary encapsulating key data for building systems....

  • Contains all floor plans including subgrade levels, mechanical decks, and roof; all 5 primary risers (elevator, standpipe, ventilation, stairwell, structural/hazmat/master shut-off diagrams); site plan; detailed text encompassing FD tactical concerns, utilities, hazmat storage, base systems, tenant systems, unique building features, building access points and more. Massey App to host all text and schematics, integrated with Massey App emergency event protocols and messaging system. Grab and Go Emergency Center Box,  multi-day surveys by the fire officer.  Large format printed copies of Massey Plan, complete with Massey Insights, important learning modules to protect your building.