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Connect people to the places they need to be

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their employees, visitors, and contractors. Proxyclick’s clients include L’Oréal, Revolut, PepsiCo, Audi, and other global Fortune 500 companies with both offices and production sites. With more than 30 million visits registered in 7,000 locations around the world, Proxyclick’s solution allows organizations to minimize security and compliance risks while upholding privacy rights.

Proxyclick’s new features aim to provide enterprises with a contact-free check-in solution for every step of the visitor journey and employee experience. With millions of employees, visitors, and contractors set to re-enter corporate premises around the world, these solutions will allow organizations to perform sufficient due diligence to mitigate liability risks. The new offering introduces a completely contactless solution with no physical interaction necessary from check-in to check-out of a facility, so that people around the world are connected to the places they need to be.

Brands: Proxyclick Flow Proxyclick visitor management system Proxyclick Proovr


  • Proxyclick Flow
    The Proxyclick Flow solution extends beyond visitor management to provide trusted brands across every industry with a single solution to manage visitor, employee, and contractor flows in compliance with global regulations....

  • Proxyclick Flow unites access requirements, regulations, and systems, and can be tailored for organizations with single locations as well as for complex, cross-continent, multi-location set-ups and multi-tenant business sites. 

    As organizations of all sizes have the duty of care to keep their people safe, while also remaining compliant with changing local and national data privacy laws, Proxyclick’s solution provides them with the following features:

    • Remote registration: Send digital health questionnaires to employees, contractors, and visitors ahead of their arrival on-site. Deny them access to the building if they do not meet screening criteria.  

    • Desk booking: Allow employees to schedule their attendance and book their desks in advance, helping organizations adhere to building occupancy levels and ensure physical distancing on-site. 

    • Touchless check-in: Grant employees, visitors, and contractors access to your building via unique QR codes that can be scanned from their mobile devices at kiosks, as well as doorways, turnstiles, and elevators via destination dispatch for an entirely touchless check-in process. Employees can use the Proxyclick Proovr app to immediately scan their app against unique QR codes at check-in and check-out.

    • Touchless temperature scanning:  Integrate contactless temperature scanners to take employees’ temperatures upon arrival, and deny them access if they have a fever.

    • Analytics & reporting: Get access to real-time occupancy data to understand who was on-site at what time, and who they may have come into contact with, to facilitate contact tracing.

    • Data privacy: Proxyclick is committed to respecting data privacy, giving users the option to easily delete data, and businesses peace of mind by securely storing health data.

    • Emergency messages: Send an automatic message to every person on-site in case of an emergency.