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ILC Dover, LP

Newark,  DE 
United States
  • Booth: 1402

ILC Dover provides flood protection solutions.

ILC Dover provides flood protection solutions for commercial buildings and critical infrastructure (e.g. public utilities, public transportation, etc.). Flood protection systems are based on high strength engineered fabrics for easy deployment and superior flood debris impact resistance.  ILC Dover’s systems can be stored at point of use for rapid deployment.  If point-of-use storage is not an option (e.g. aesthetic reasons), then the compact size and light weight minimize the problems associated with off-site storage, retrieval and deployment.  ILC Dover offers flood protection solutions in a variety of configurations; they can be vertically or horizontally oriented and can be configured with a variety of sealing options to meet the most stringent leakage requirements. ILC Dover has been providing high performance solutions for aerospace, pharmaceutical, personal protection and many other applications for over 70 years.

Brands: Flex-Cover Door, Flex-Gate Side Deploy


  • Flex-Cover® Door - Flood Protection Barrier
    Flex-Cover® Door is compact and designed to be stored near the point-of-use for fast deployment when large storms and flooding are about to strike. Deployment is performed by one or two people in just minutes....

  • The ILC Flex-Cover® Door is a high-strength flood barrier engineered to provide a flood protection for single or double doors. It provides a watertight and impact resistant barrier by combining a structural frame, water barrier, and impact-resistant layers with advanced compression gaskets. Flex-Cover® Door can be stored near the point-of-use for deployment in minutes. ​

    Flex-Cover® Door functions as a dry flood barrier installed at door and other building openings. Permanently installed wall anchors facilitate rapid deployment prior to a pending weather event. 


  • Flex-Gate® Side Deploy - Flood Protection Barrier

    Flex-Gate® Side Deploy is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings or equipment....

  • Flex-Gate® Side Deploy is a flood mitigation solution that can be customized to fit a wide variety of openings and widths, as well as accounting for significant Design Flood Elevations and surge levels that may occur. They can be built to fit virtually any width opening and any anticipated flood depth.

    Flex-Gate® Side Deploy features: 

    • Components stored at point-of-use
    • Small volume container – minimal impact on rights-of-way, no large support barriers/structures
    • Design is scalable to water levels from Riverine to Hurricane flooding with wave impact
    • Allows access to infrastructure until the last minute vs. deploying days in advance
    • Rugged construction and damping characteristics withstand debris impact up to FM 2510 standards
    • Can adapt to uneven ground, have corners, and seal against existing facades
    • Can be deployed in minutes with one - two people
  • Flex-Gate® Top Deploy - Flood Protection Barrier
    Flex-Gate® Top Deploy is a high strength flexible wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of portals, entrances, and infrastructure....

  • Flex-Gate Top Deploy works in infrastructures such as road tunnels, rail tunnels and other large portals. It is constructed from high strength, waterproof textile-based materials that reside in a container typically mounted above the opening and can be deployed manually or electrically.

    Flex-Gate Top Deploy Features:

    • All components are stored at its point-of-use
    • Small volume container – unobtrusive and no impact on opening access
    • Design is scalable to water levels from Riverine to Hurricane flooding with wave impact
    • Can be customized for a variety of opening designs and sizes
    • Rugged construction and damping characteristics withstand debris impact
    • Seal around rail lines and effective when DFE exceeds opening height