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Mitrex Building Integrated Solar Technology

Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 1020

Take advantage of your vertical Surfaces with Mitrex

Mitrex is a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of cost-effective integrated solar products, such as cladding, windows, railings, roofs, and more. Mitrex products meet the construction and design needs of owners, architects, engineers, and developers by making multi-purpose, aesthetically pleasing building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) that extend a structure’s energy-generating potential to the vertical walls. With Mitrex products, any new build or retrofit project can become a green micro power plant by utilizing any surface touched by the sun to generate energy.

Our goal for creating Mitrex was to innovate the green building materials used in the construction sector without sacrificing on the aesthetics. Our unique business models allow for easy entry into the world of renewable, green building materials by reducing costs for consumers. In addition, our turnkey services, including design and planning, application solutions, installation from the blue-skin out, and maintenance, make adoption even easier. At Mitrex, our mission is to be the catalyst that accelerates the adoption of sustainable, energy-generating, human-made structures.

Brands: Manufacturers, BIPV, Solar Technology