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Welcome to our smart building SaaS platform experience!

Cohesion is a vertically integrated smart building SaaS platform leading the way to autonomous buildings. Our technology leverages comprehensive, real-time data to give forward-thinking owners and operators insights they need to increase asset value by creating a sustainable, healthy, and operationally efficient building. Ultimately, enhancing the tenant experience and improving the bottom line. For more information, visit, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube

Brands: Cohesion empowers real estate owners to maximize asset and portfolio value with all building systems, workflows and people seamlessly connected in one solution.

 Press Releases

  • Cohesion Meets Security Standards to Provide Its Top-Level Services to the Global Commercial Real Estate Market

    CHICAGO, IL — Cohesion, a smart building SaaS company, successfully completed the SOC 2 Type 2 audit as of July 2021. This milestone displays Cohesion's commitment to ensuring information security. SOC 2 reports demonstrate a company’s ability to not only implement critical security policies but also prove compliance over an extended period.

    The official audit report, conducted by Schellman & Company, LLC, provides a thorough review of how Cohesion’s internal controls affect the security and availability of the systems it uses to process users’ data, and the confidentiality of the information processed by these systems. It reviews their processes relating to risk management and vendor due diligence, as well as Cohesion’s entire IT infrastructure, software development life cycle, change management, security, and operations.

    “As a leader in the CRE industry, Cohesion is proud to uphold the highest level of security,” said Cohesion’s Chief Technology Officer Nik Patel. “We are pleased that this external security audit confirms that Cohesion has the appropriate controls in place to mitigate risks related to the services we provide to our customers.”

    In achieving this certification, Cohesion maintains its adherence to one of the most stringent, industry-accepted auditing standards for service companies and provides additional assurance to its clients that its business process, information technology, and risk management controls are properly designed.

    Thru Shivakumar, Cohesion’s CEO and Co-Founder states, “As an IoT based platform powered by data, we feel it is important that we complete the external audit and verify what our customers already know – that our platform can be trusted to adhere to stringent compliance standards and commit to utilizing best security practices internally. Our clients can continue to use our platform confidently and securely as we lead the way to the future of autonomous buildings.”

    For more information about Cohesion’s platform and data integrations, visit our website at

  • Cohesion's collaboration with HID Global allows touchless access to elevators, doors, parking garages, turnstiles, and tenant spaces to enhance the tenant experience and streamline operations

    CHICAGO, IL – Cohesion, a smart building SaaS company, announced that it is a Technology Partner within HID’s Advantage Partner Program. Cohesion’s smart building platform integrates with HID card readers and all access control systems with one-touch configuration to deliver touchless entry for all access points with mobile credentials.

    Cohesion and HID Global solutions benefit building owners and managers through with their ability to meet tenants' priorities of having a safer, healthier, and more convenient building. A mobile credential inside the Cohesion app integrated with HID’s card readers is as fast and easy to use as a physical keycard. It allows tenants to use their phones for building access without having to swipe a physical keycard or talk to building security. Tenants are further empowered with the ability to give guests easy, touchless access. When tenants schedule their visitors in the app, visitors receive a QR code that grants them access to the building for the duration of their visit. With Cohesion’s one-touch configuration, permissioned users can quickly and easily add or remove tenants in the system.

    “Our collaboration with Cohesion leverages HID Mobile Access to provide a secure and seamless digital experience for property managers, owners, and tenants within the commercial real estate industry,” said Rick Winter, End User Business Development Manager of Finance & Commercial Real Estate at HID Global.

    “Cohesion’s platform is enabling a healthy and efficient workplace,” said Nik Patel, Co-Founder and CTO at Cohesion. “By integrating with HID’s card readers, we’re reducing physical contact with surfaces throughout the building, simplifying workstreams for property management teams, and providing a high-end perk to sophisticated properties.”

    To learn more about Cohesion's partnership with HID Global, visit


  • Cohesion
    The leading smart building SaaS platform that increases asset value by enhancing the
    tenant experience in a green, healthy, and operationally efficient building....

  • Cohesion is the leading smart building SaaS platform that leverages the most comprehensive insights for owners and operators who want to increase their asset value by delivering the best-in-class tenant experience in a green, healthy, and operationally efficient building. This IoT platform is the only application that creates touchless access controls for elevators and mobile credentials, arms you with Indoor Air Quality optimization tools, and streamlines daily operational tasks like work orders, mass communications and visitor management. These are done through a unique combination of native features and powerful integrations with existing building systems. Cohesion is non-proprietary and non-exclusive, working directly with vendors and adding new integrations partners with almost every project. When it comes to tenant experience, building operations and real estate’s most comprehensive operating dataset, Cohesion sits at the intersection of all three. By breaking down system data silos and incorporating occupancy data, Cohesion brings building systems under a single pane of glass and unlocks the building’s full potential.
  • Cohesion's Indoor Air Quality Program
    The program leverages artificial intelligence to define a new standard for optimizing air quality inside office buildings to promote a greater sense of wellness and productivity for all building occupants...

  • Cohesion created the IAQ Program to create healthier and safer spaces at 150 North Riverside to inspire confidence, trust, and transparency within the building. The combination of optimized ventilation air, superior mechanical filtration and the bipolar ionization air purification system provide high indoor air quality. Distributed air quality sensors measure and verify performance of eight separate air quality components including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs, airborne particulates, ozone, radon, formaldehyde, and outdoor fresh air supply rates. The data is connected through Cohesion’s smart building platform to the Building Automation System so that the HVAC system can proactively respond and optimize ventilation rates and air quality throughout the building. Tenants also have access to the data and can seamlessly monitor the indoor air quality through an intuitive app on their mobile phone or computer to verify the current indoor air quality conditions.  

    The program leverages AI to read sensor data, learn patterns to mitigate air pollutants in real-time and optimize airflows to improve air quality. Tenants can view a space's air quality status via the app, and property managers are notified when the HVAC system adjusts, allowing the building to run more efficiently. The IAQ Program ensures that building air is at optimal levels without additional human effort while using its platform to increase building operational efficiency and provide a premium tenant experience.