Phyllis Horner PhD, WELL AP

Chief Executive Officer
Great Places and Spaces LLC


Dr. Phyllis Horner, PhD, WELL AP, operates at the intersection of place and space and their effect on productivity. An applied workplace psychologist, and expert in the creating measurable bottom-line value by providing workplaces that are healthy both physically and psychologically, she has led development of new assessments and methods to measure occupant comfort and peak work environments. Phyllis has experience creating work environments that work for occupants, conducting occupant comfort studies and engagement surveys, and working with building owners, business executives and top talent.

She started her career at Ford Motor Company as a workplace planning psychologist, and since has consulted widely, guided strategy, and written books: on the future of work, productivity in the modern era and two books on careers for high talent individuals. She has also created and consulted on adaptive change and its relationship to personal values. She is an active contributor to the NIST - GGTC Smart Buildings/Smart Cities Supercluster.

Her passion is ensuring that all people have the ability to communicate the working conditions that make them most productive, and to help businesses meet those needs so that they can attract and retain talent, get results and win in the marketplace.

She works with her partner in life, Manfred Zapka, and together they represent both the physical and psychological sides of health, productivity and well being at work. Their company, Great Places and Spaces LLC is based in Las Vegas and Honolulu, and frequently partners with other entities including architects and associations to bring large scale services to the market.


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