Dr. Manfred Zapka, PhD, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP, CEIC

Great Places and Spaces LLC


Manfred Zapka, PhD, is a licensed professional engineer (Nevada and Hawaii) specializing in the design and operation buildings and infrastructure that are healthy, safe and energy efficient, and support sustainable development. Dr. Zapka is a certified LEED and WELL Accredited Professional, a Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).
He has worked in the areas of technology design and R&D, sustainable building design, indoor environmental quality and health. Besides his commercial work he has been teaching at an architecture school in the fields of building energy and indoor health, including occupant centered design, including innovative HVAC and ventilation system.
His present work is in Great Places and Spaces LLC (GPS) which he cofounded with Dr. Phyllis Horner. The company is based on Las Vegas and Honolulu. The vision of the company is to apply science and best management practices to the design and operation of spaces, to make then healthy, safe and productive. GPS believes that healthy, safe, and productive places and spaces add significant value and can best be achieved by considering the physical and psychological side of space utilization.
In the changing world of commercial real estate health, safe and productive building provide competitive advantages to both building owners as well to tenants who provide an empowering environment to their employees. GPS has developed assessment tools for occupant experience, indoor environmental quality, and the ROI of improving spaces. The expertise of GPS includes COVID related work helping building owners and organizations to bring people back into buildings and help them prepare their buildings and companies for the post pandemic time.
Manfred’s passion is to help creating great places which welcome occupant and provide a healthy and uplifting environment, in a sustainable way
When not working he enjoys outdoor activities and cultural activities.


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