Bridge Over Troubled Waters Fundraiser

BOMA International’s Community Service Committee has launched a new initiative to give back to the annual conference host city by partnering with Boston-based organization . Bridge, as it’s known, is a non-profit organization focused on providing career, education and mental health counseling, temporary residences, medical care and more to homeless and at-risk teens and young adults; guiding them towards self-sufficiency and enabling them to transform their lives and build fulfilling, meaningful futures.

With the support of the conference attendees, BOMA International and BOMA/Boston hope to raise $10,000 for Bridge by the end of the annual conference.

There are several ways you can help us reach this goal, such as:

  • Purchasing survival kit supplies online or bringing them to the registration desk at the annual conference to be collected;
  • Donating directly to Bridge using BOMA's designated page;
  • Donating gift cards and bringing them to Boston to be collected.

To make a monetary donation or to purchase a survival kit through BOMA's designated Amazon page, visit . With your donation, your name will be entered into a drawing sponsored by Cornerstone Partner Kings III for a chance to win one of two $250 gift cards. We will be tracking our progress, so keep an eye on the thermometer here and near the BOMA Registration Desk in Boston to see if we reach (or surpass) our goal!