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Bird B Gone, Inc.

Irvine,  CA 
United States
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  • Bird·B·Gone - 2 New Products for Bird Season!
    Bird season is almost here, get ready today with Bird·B·Gone's help!

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  • Bird·B·Gone: SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel - Start Saving A Buck-A-Puck Today!
    SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel is now available in the SpecV-Max pack size, w/ 240 dishes per box. Start saving a Buck-A-Puck today.
  • Bird season is almost here, get ready today with Bird·B·Gone's help!


  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
    Bird Spikes are used on buildings and structures to prevent birds from landing and roosting. Pigeon spikes are an effective, humane and cost-effective bird control solution that will not harm birds....

  • Bird B Gone Pigeon Spikes are an effective, humane, maintenance-free permanent bird control solution that deters pest birds from landing and roosting on your building. Bird B Gone Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes create an uneven surface preventing birds from landing on flat or curved surface areas encouraging them to fly to a different spot. Ideal for use on roof peaks, ledges, roof-lines, parapet walls, eaves, I-beams, windowsills, light posts, signs, and more. 


    Ledge Size Suggested Spike Width
    1" - 2" width 1" width
    2" - 4" width 3" width
    4" - 6" width 5" width
    7" - 9" width 8" width

    * Wider ledges may require multiple rows of bird spike strips. Install bird spike strips with 1 in overlap.

    Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes Features and Benefits

    • #1 specified pigeon spike by architects, contractors and government agencies
    • Industry leading guarantee of 10-years
    • Virtually invisible; will fit any contour - can safely bend 360 degrees!
    • Pigeon spikes are easy to install; can be glued, screwed or tied down
    • Humane, will not harm birds
    • Low cost, maintenance-free
    • Weatherproof design will not rust; will not break
    • Available in 1 in., 3 in., 5 in., 8 in. widths for maximum coverage
    • Patented crush and bend design so stainless steel spikes will not fall out
    • Will not cut or injure installer!
    • Pre-assembled two-foot sections significantly reduce installation time
    • Ideal for use on ledges, roof peaks, I-beams, parapet walls, conduits, signs, flat or curved surfaces
    • Manufactured by Bird B Gone, Inc.
    • 10-year guarantee against manufacturer defects and defects caused by U.V. breakdown

  • Heavy Duty Bird Netting
    Bird Net 2000™ is heavy duty polyethylene bird netting used to humanely block birds from entering unwanted areas....

  • Bird Net 2000™ is the most efficient and effective method for excluding birds and is effective for all bird species including pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. The netting creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing or nesting. Bird B Gone netting carries an industry leading guarantee of 10 years (black netting) and 3 years (stone/white netting). We offer a complete line of professional grade installation hardware to suit any job and can assist with design and installation.  Custom cut nets are available to save on installation and labor.

    Bird Species
    All birds including pigeons, starlings and sparrows
    Where to Use
    Roofs, warehouses, loading docks, airplane hangars, and other enclosures
    Bird Pressure
    Light to Heavy
    UV-stabilized knotted polyethylene net. Flame-resistant, rot-proof, non-conductive, and stable in sub-zero temperatures
    Six strands of Polyethylene UV-treated twine. Each strand is 12/100” thick. The filaments are twisted and knotted for ultimate strength and longevity. Pressure stretched and tightened
    Burst Strength
    SO 1806 and 9001 Protocol test in excess of 40 lbs. burst/break strength per twisted strand
    Thermal Properties
    High Temp: Melting point in excess of 270° F; Low Temp: Stable to -250° F
    Electrical Properties
    Black 10-years, Stone/White 3-years from manufacturer’s defects and defects caused by U.V. breakdown

    Heavy Duty Bird Netting is a heavy duty polyethylene bird net used to block birds from entering unwanted areas. The pigeon netting is made from a UV stabilized mesh and is available in stock sizes and custom cuts. 

    Bird Net Features and Benefits

    • Permanently excludes pigeons, sparrows, starlings and all pest birds
    • All mesh is quality tested using ISO 1806 and 9001 mesh test protocols
    • Available in 3 colors to blend in with area of installation
    • Virtually invisible when installed
    • Industry leading 10-year guarantee for black mesh
    • #1 specified bird net by architects and government agencies
    • UV stabilized, rot proof, waterproof
    • Flame resistant - 250 degree melt point
    • "Sub-Zero" stable...non-conductive
    • Stock sizes and custom nets up to 200 feet in length or width
    • Virtually invisible when installed

    Each Net is thoroughly inspected, tagged and signed before leaving our warehouse!
    Custom cuts available for same day shipping!

    Bird Net 2000™ professional grade Bird Netting can be installed in commercial, industrial, and residential areas including:

    • Airplane hangars
    • Loading docks
    • Warehouses
    • Courtyards
    • Eaves
    • Canopies
    • Signs
    • Garages
    • Rooftops
    • Factories
    • Bridges

  • [NEW] SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel
    SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel™ is an easy, economical, and effective sensory bird control solution....

  • Holographic Bird Repellent Gel

    SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel™ is used to deter sparrows, pigeons, gulls, crows, starlings, woodpeckers, and other bird species from buildings and structures.

    • Sight - Holographic reflection technology creates visual hot spots that scares birds away.
    • Sense - When touched, birds do not like the sticky sensation on their feet, encouraging them to leave the area.
    • Smell - Proprietary blend of ingredients creates an aroma that is unpleasant to birds making this an instinctive bird repellent gel.
    Bird Species
    All birds
    Bird Pressure
    Light to medium
    Where to Use
    Rooflines, ledges, signs, I-beams, railings, gutters, window sills, HVAC units, parapet edges, equipment, street lights, and other places where nuisance birds may congregate.
    Each PVC dish contains an innovative, non-toxic, proprietary gel that uses a combination of sight, sense and smell to keep birds away.
    Each box contains (24) easy-to-apply U.V. protected PVC dishes.
    Easy. Consult the product installation instructions for dish placement guidelines. Dishes can be adhered to most surfaces. Silicone or other removable adhesive sold separately.

    Features and Benefits

    • Ideal for commercial and residential use
    • Easy, economical, and effective
    • Effectively deters all bird species*
    • Protects edges, ledges, and more!
    • Low-cost humane solution
    • Tri-sensory bird repellent action
    • Easy to install - no assembly required
    • Non-toxic - not harmful to birds
    • U.V. protected - won’t degrade or discolor in sunlight
    • Built-in glue troughs for better dish adhesion
    • Product placement is fast and easy
    • Increasing coverage is as simple as placing an additional dish