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RealPage, Inc.

Richardson,  TX 
United States
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RealPage Commercial Property Management Solution

RealPage® is a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, supplying the most advanced technology to today’s growing commercial firms. Our integrated, on-demand platform empowers the rental real estate industry to manage property operations, identify opportunities through market intelligence, and access data-driven insight for optimal operational and financial decision-making. We continually advance technology to serve the commercial, multifamily, single family, senior living, student living, military housing, hospitality and vacation rental markets, with one goal in mind: to help our clients improve financial and operational performance, reduce risk, and prudently place and harvest capital. For more information, visit our website or check out our product demo

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 Press Releases

  • RICHARDSON, Texas, (December 11, 2019) — RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ:RP), a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, today announced that it has acquired Investor Management Services, LLC (“IMS”). IMS provides an Investor Relationship Management (IRM) platform with an investor dashboard, an investor portal to manage investor relations, and a comprehensive waterfall engine for distributions.

    The combination of IMS with the RealPage AIM platform will service nearly 600 general partners supporting nearly 90,000 limited partners. Upon completion of the acquisition, RealPage plans to incorporate IMS into AIM and market a fully integrated asset & investment management platform (RealPage AIM) to drive improved return on investment by providing 360 degree data visualization, performance monitoring, benchmarking and valuations across the entire investment lifecycle.

    RealPage expects to retain IMS employees, and operations will remain in Charlotte and Raleigh. The company expects to support the IMS client base for the foreseeable future.

    Alan James, SVP Asset & Investment Management
    “Our combined teams are expected to immediately integrate IMS with RealPage AIM. The addition of IMS, when combined with AIM’s Portfolio Investment Management, Asset Monitoring, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse capabilities, creates a complete platform, supported by data administration services and valuation services to efficiently operate and manage the investment lifecycle. We look forward to working with the IMS team to provide new value to the institutional private and public capital markets while delighting clients with unparalleled experiences.”

    About RealPage
    RealPage provides a technology platform that enables real estate owners and managers to change how people experience and use rental space. Clients use the platform to gain transparency in asset performance, leverage data insights and monetize space to create incremental yields. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, RealPage currently serves 16.8 million units worldwide from offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about RealPage, please visit

    About Investor Management Services
    Investor Management Services (IMS) is among the first investor experience platforms for commercial real estate firms to engage investors and manage assets. The web-based IMS Platform provides automated Waterfall Distribution Processing, Investor DashboardsCRMDocument Sharing and Investor Statements. For more information about Investor Management Services, visit Software Equity Group was IMS’s exclusive advisor on the transaction.


  • Commercial Asset Management
    Model. Forecast. Report. Transact.

    Monitor performance and perform DCF valuation of your commercial assets easily with Commercial Asset Management.

    Visualize asset and portfolio performance and pinpoint areas for operational & financial improvement with intuitive dashboards.

    Share performance reporting, valuation scenarios, and forecasting with stakeholders in your organization easily

    Harvest data from operational & financial systems to deliver insights to your platform automatically - no need to dig for data

    Ad-hoc analytics & reporting for what you want to see & how you want to see it for everyone in your CRE ecosystem

  • Collaborative Platform Implementation
    RealPage Commercial provides a differentiated approach to platform implementation. We collaborate directly with you to ensure both a successful launch and ongoing performance from your solution....

  • Our methodology features three critical milestones:

    During our readiness check, we collect information to ease the transition process. We'll partner with you to:

    • Collect all documentation
    • Create a plan and timeline
    • Set a target "go live" date
    • Approve & launch the plan

    During our settings phase, our team takes the lead to:

    • Configure your platform
    • Load your data
    • Validate all operational & financial information
    • Perform quality checks to ensure accuracy

    During the launch phase, we'll partner with your team to:

    • Review your solution
    • Train users on your solution
    • Approve the implementation
    • Go live on the platform
    • Handoff to our customer success team
  • Commercial Asset Performance
    Ready to unlock commercial asset performance? Empower your commercial real estate financial and operations teams to maximize yield for stakeholders across your portfolio and assets with RealPage Commercial....

    Monitor and capture all revenue opportunities your leases allow across your portfolio and assets

    Get the transparency you need through all operational approval workflows

    Gain greater insight to asset and portfolio performance with continuous valuations

    Provide personalized reporting and analysis to every stakeholder in your investment ecosystem