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Assured Bio Labs LLC

Oak Ridge,  TN 
United States
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Beyond the Frontier of Environmental Diagnostics

Assured Bio Labs is an environmental microbiology laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We provide various services such as direct exam microscopy, culturing, water analysis, DNA analysis, Allergen Assays, Corrosion analysis and more. We specialize in DNA analysis using our patented technology, the M-TRAP. The M-TRAP is an air sampling cassette that has the ability to capture airborne fungi, viruses and bacteria including Sars-Cov-2 and Legionella. This highly accurate DNA technology has been tested by the CDC for capture efficiency of influenze and airborne Legionella.

Our accredidations include AIHA #183867, CDC Elite, NYS DOG ELAP #12050 and Tennessee DEC DWR Certified #03147. Assured Bio Labs is a Diversity Business Enterprise registered in the State of Tennessee. 

Brands: M-TRAP®, WhisperCare®, The Big 2, Healthful Home, Mold Magnet

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  • Assured Bio Labs presents our COVID-19 Air Sampling Starter Pack Giveaway. The Starter Pack includes 2 Individual WhisperCare units, 2 pump adapters, and a 24-pack of M-TRAPS, a total value of over $1,000 and the perfect way to begin air sampling! For a chance to win, follow the link below to submit your contact information:

 Press Releases

  • OAK RIDGE, Tenn., June 29, 2020 -- An environmental microbiology lab in Oak Ridge is the first U.S. lab to receive accreditation for surface and air analysis of the virus that causes COVID-19.  

    Assured Bio Labs, LLC, received the accreditation for COVID-19 air testing and COVID-19 surface sampling  from AIHA, an organization dedicated to protecting worker health. Its laboratory accreditation program complies with international standards and ensures the quality of laboratory analysis. AIHA, formerly the American Industrial Hygiene Association, announced the accreditation June 23.

    Assured Bio Labs, with experience in detecting mold, influenza, and the bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease, turned its attention to analysis of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in January, spending months calibrating and testing its systems to convert the fragile RNA found in COVID-19 to DNA, which can then be analyzed, explained Edward A. Sobek, president and owner of Assured Bio Labs.  

    While other labs provide a positive or negative result on COVID-19 surface and air tests, Assured Bio Labs is the only U.S. lab providing results showing the quantity of the virus, he said.

    “I wanted a test that tells me how many COVID we find. We wanted to do more than identify. We quantify,” said Sobek. “You end up with more false positives and negatives if you don’t quantify data.”

    As businesses, industries, medical centers and public facilities bring employees back to work, care for patients or open to the public, having COVID-19 data for frequently touched surfaces and air inside buildings will be important to assure the health and safety of workers and the public, Sobek said.  

    “Since March, we have been running samples for local municipalities and for New York City essential businesses in the financial district,” Sobek said. “We recently started testing long-term care facilities to provide management with data needed to protect our most vulnerable group of Americans.”

    Two weeks ago, the lab began providing COVID-19 surface and air testing to healthcare facilities in the northeast as they convert COVID-19 patient rooms into standard patient rooms, he said.

    “We were detecting COVID in the air in patient rooms,” Sobek said. Engineering solutions focused on air circulation and studies of how the virus travels through air are needed to confront that problem, he added. The company’s web site recently added generic information on COVID counts from its positive air and surface samples.

    Assured Bio Labs’ technology includes  WhisperCare® , a continuous air monitoring system the size of a Rubik’s cube that tests indoor air for viruses, mold and bacteria using DNA and RNA analysis. M-TRAP®, a patented air sampling cassette developed for rapid capture and analysis of airborne viruses, is used with WhisperCare® for air sampling for COVID-19. Sobek, a microbiologist with more than 20 years of laboratory and field experience, invented the microbial detection technology that he branded as M-TRAP®.

    “We are currently using WhisperCare®  in firehouses to quickly identify the presence of COVID-19 and prevent widespread infection of crucial first responders,” said Sobek, who has a PhD from Texas Tech University and an MBA from University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business.

    For surface sampling, the lab provides swabs to sample commonly touched points in buildings, such as light switches, handrails, doorknobs, and elevator buttons. Besides its COVID-19 Environmental Testing Program, Assured Bio Labs developed a Pre-Post Cleaning Efficacy Test to help verify that cleaning surfaces in workplaces has removed the virus.

    “Assured Bio Lab has significantly increased its equipment and capacity to handle COVID-19 testing,” Sobek said.

    For more information, contact Assured Bio Labs at its toll-free number, 866-546-1727 or at The lab’s web site is


    About Assured Bio Labs

    Assured Bio Labs, LLC, has a 5,000-square-foot research laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., the heart of the Tennessee Valley Corridor. The Lab’s mission is to protect the air and surfaces in businesses and homes, working through the lab’s commercial services and research and development arms. The commercial services arm offers an AIHA accredited COVID-19 test and tests for molds, allergens, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds at commercial, industrial and residential locations, analyzing data collected by industrial hygienists. Its R&D arm develops products and “new-to-the-world” biotechnology solutions for use in the indoor air quality market and beyond.


  • M-TRAP® Air Sampling Cassette
    The M-TRAP® is a unique air sampling cassette developed specifically for the rapid capture and analysis of airborne mold spores using state-of-the-art DNA analysis....

  • The M-TRAP® embodies the next generation of capture technology for residential and occupational mold exposure assessment and excels where spore trap and agar impaction falls short — spore capture efficiency and turnaround time.

    Three years of R&D by Assured Bio Labs has produced a novel, patented breakthrough in biologically active capture substrates called molecular entrapment. Molecular entrapment employs a biologically active compound that is bonded to an inert, three dimensional fibrous substrate. An adhesive protein molecule attaches to spores that enter the substrate. The protein significantly alters a spore’s inertial properties leading to entrapment. The molecular entrapment substrate is enclosed in a high quality, chemical-resistant polypropylene housing. The M-TRAP® eliminates the difficulties associated with mold sampling and result interpretation.

    • No overloading or particle bounce

    • Enhanced capture efficiency, especially for Stachybotrys

    • Removes group bias with species ID of Aspergillus/Penicillium-like molds

    • High-fidelity analysis reduces uncertainty of measurement

    • Eliminates inter-analyst variation

  • WhisperCare®
    The WhisperCare® is a continuous air monitoring system designed to test facilities for mold, bacteria and viruses using DNA & RNA analysis....

  • With its low decibel output, your facility can continuously collect air samples using the WhisperCare® without disturbing occupants from their day-to-day routine. Using a longer capturing rate increases the accuracy of your data when tracking down the source of contamination. The WhisperCare® can be used across the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and residential sectors. The WhisperCare® continuous air monitoring system is used in conjunction with our patented M-TRAP® technology to capture detailed results of your facility’s air quality.
  • The Big 2
    The best value in consumer mold testing – bar none. For the first time, DNA diagnostics are available to everyone. This state-of-the-art mold detection kit includes a mold capture system. It’s easy, fast, and DNA certified....

  • This test identifies molds that are highly correlated with water damage, high moisture levels, and toxic molds. Sampling is easy, just select a room, find some undisturbed dust and swab it. Put the samples in the mailer and drop in the mailbox. Once received by the lab, you will receive an e-mailed a detailed report explaining your results in less than 48-72 hours. A toll-free hotline to an expert is included with every kit. The kit also includes collection gloves and instructions. NO HIDDEN LAB FEES. Lab testing included with each kit. Tests for Stachybotrys (commonly called Black Mold or Toxic Mold) and Aspergillus/Penicillium molds.