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New York,  NY 
United States
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Secure and convenient property access from a smartphone.

ButterflyMX, creators of the smart intercom, designs and builds cloud-based software and touchscreen hardware to provide secure, convenient, and affordable property access from a smartphone. With features designed specifically for tenants, property managers, and developers including video calling, virtual keys, delivery PINs, PMS integrations, time- and date-stamped door-release records, and 3-wire installation, ButterflyMX is a modern building entry solution for residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Since 2015, ButterflyMX has been installed in more than 4,000 properties, granting secure access to more than 400,000 units around the world.


  • The smart intercom
    Provide your tenants with secure, convenient and affordable property access from a smartphone. Allow them to access your property without the need for keys or fobs....

  • Manage visitor and delivery flow at class-b and/or unattended commercial buildings. We design and develop touchscreen hardware and cloud-based software to facilitate seamless property access for visitors and deliveries where a front desk does not exist. By installing one of our smart intercoms at the front door, any tenant in the building can download our mobile app and grant access to the property via their smartphone. Tenants can also issue time-limited virtual keys in circumstances when they may have a scheduled visitor such as an interview or when regular deliveries need to be made. The intercom allows for streaming video to ensure security and even takes a time- and date-stamped photo of the visitor along with a record of who let the visitor in. Access permissions can be changed at any time for the entire building or a specific tenant.