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Connecting your tenants with transportation amenities


Many office and residential properties were built with a car-oriented, twentieth-century mindset, with few amenities and at a distance from transit. Increasingly, these facilities face greater competition for tenants from properties that are more modern or are located near transit lines.

If this describes your property, how do you:

- maximize parking supply,
- lower vacancies,
- attract the growing ranks of millennial residents and workers, and
- successfully compete with transit-oriented options?

Our Connect+ services helps you increase the value of your properties and assets by connecting them with green transportation amenities such as:  

- Bike Storage
- Bikeshare Stations
- Ride-hailing & Shuttles
- Transit Info Screens

Connect+ has served over 12,000 tenants. Contact us for help offering transportation amenities that will make your building more accessible for tenants who want more, greener transportation choices.

Brands: W+A sets the pace in creating transportation choices + building better traffic solutions through Sustainable Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering.