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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Exhibiting

What does a Virtual Booth Look Like?

The exhibit hall will be a selection on the BOMA Virtual Conference platform. Exhibitors will be listed on the Exhibit Hall page by booth type, starting with the VIP Exhibitors at the top. You will be able to post your company logo and description (About Us) as well as various resources, videos, and contact information. Click here for an example of a virtual booth and then click on the Gold level sponsor booth Myriad, so you can see how the BOMA booths will be set up.

How is the virtual booth created?

We will provide instructions directing you to upload your information to your own individual folder on the platform’s FTP site. From there, the platform designers will create your booth.


How can attendees engage with virtual exhibitors?

Attendees can access exhibitor booths anytime but BOMA will provide dedicated time to visit the booths in between sessions. There will be a game or scavenger hunt where attendees can win prizes for visiting booths. We are also working to create other traffic drivers. Once attendees are at your booth, they can engage in your chat area, click on your videos, view your resources, etc.


Are there any networking features?

While there is not a way to connect one-on-one through the platform, BOMA will provide exhibitors with an attendee list (see below) and there is a chat room feature in each exhibitor’s booth.


Is there lead retrieval or another way my company can track registrants that came to our booth?

Any registrant that clicks on your resources will be tracked. After the conference BOMA will provide each exhibitor with a list of who clicked on their resources and which resource they clicked. The list will include contact name, company, postal mailing address, phone numbers and a couple demographics.


How does the chat room work?

Conference registrants can visit your booth and post questions or comments in your chat room. The dialogue in the chat room is public and visible to anyone who visits your booth. You can post what hours you will be available in the chat room on your About Us or Contact Us area. The chat area will not notify you if someone posts in your chat area. However, any chat that occurs will remain in the chat area for when you return. While you cannot track who engages in the chat, their name will appear and we suggest exhibitors write down the names so they can cross-reference it with the attendee list provided by BOMA.


Who can “staff” the chat from our company?

The exhibitor personnel staffing the chat room do not need to be registered for the conference. BOMA will provide your company with a company specific URL for staffing your chat room.


Can we have the chat history sent to us?

Exhibitors can request the chat transcript be sent to them after the conference. Also, the chat can be copied and pasted into a program like Microsoft Word.


I have a VIP booth. How do I include my Zoom meeting room?

You will provide Zoom room links in your About Us or Contact Us information upload. It is recommended that you use Zoom Pro so each of your meetings is 24 hours in length. Then you will set up three (3) separate meeting rooms, one for each day, and provide each room in your upload with any text you want included with the links.


How can exhibitors reach out to attendees?

Exhibitors can invite prospects and customers to visit their booths using BOMA-provided customizable email templates, social media posts, banner ads, and email signatures. Exhibitors also will receive the attendee mailing list to send a postcard or other marketing pieces in advance of and after the conference.


What is included in the attendee list?
The pre-conference attendee mailing list will include all attendees who registered for the original in-person conference PLUS all the people who register for the virtual conference. The list will include postal mailing address, phone number, and a couple demographics. BOMA has a requirement that email addresses cannot be included in general attendee lists.


When will exhibitors receive the attendee list?

The list will be sent to all confirmed, paid exhibitors on June 23. A post-conference attendee list will be provided two weeks after the conference.


Our company has important pandemic resources to share. Is there a place to share this information?

BOMA will be including a COVID-19 Resource page on the platform exclusively for exhibitors to provide information subject to prior BOMA approval. Contact Vicki Cummins ( or 888-777-6956) for details.


Our company submitted a Solutions Showcase. Will there be an opportunity to present a Solutions Showcase?

BOMA will have a Solutions Showcase page on the platform. Exhibitors can submit a video to be included in the showcase. The video must be 2 MB or smaller and embedded (YouTube or Vimeo) subject to BOMA prior approval. Contact Vicki Cummins ( or 888-777-6956) for details.


How can I reach out to industry press to announce new products and timely news?

All BOMA exhibitors will receive an industry press list to announce new products and/or other timely news. The list includes contact name, contact title, outlet name, city, state and email.


If I receive a banner ad as part of our benefits, what are the specs and when are the materials due?

For a leaderboard, the online display ad specifications are 728 x 90 pixels. For a medium rectangle, the online display ad specifications are 300 x 250 pixels. For either, the materials are due one week before the ad is to start, preferably sent by the 1st or 15th of the month. Ads can start in July and must be completed in 2020.


What are 25,000 digital banner ads on and/or remarketed to BOMA and BUILDINGS audience?

It is the number of impressions your banner ad receives. It is live until your ad reaches 25,000 impressions.


If I have a Premier or VIP booth, can I choose which issue of BOMA magazine? And when are materials due?

You can be in the July/August (materials due by 6/12/2020), September/October (materials due by 8/10/2020) or November/December (materials due by 10/9/2020) issue. The ad must run in 2020.


How do attendees access exhibit booths after the virtual conference is over?

Attendees will be able to access your booth on the virtual conference website through September 30th. All education sessions will be archived so they will be accessible after the conference and can be shared with colleagues as well.