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Tuesday General Session

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100 Things: What's on Your List?

Sebastian Terry
Author and TV Host

Tuesday, June 30

9:00–9:30 am - State of the CRE Industry with Henry Chamberlain
9:30–10:30 am - 100 Things with Sebastian Terry
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Sebastian Terry is known worldwide for pursuing an incredible list of 100 Things he wants to achieve before he dies. His story is surprisingly not about a bucket list. It’s about something more far reaching:  permission, choice, growth and connection.

Affected by a curious mind and the death of a close friend, Sebastian experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’  The answer was NO and so he decided to pen down a list of 100 Things that he’d always wanted to achieve. Following his heart and armed with nothing but a list, Sebastian’s incredible story has grown from an entertaining tale of adventure into a global philanthropic movement that engages a growing tribe of hundreds of thousands to not just set meaningful goals, but also pull the trigger and achieve them—all while helping others do the same.

Sebastian has grown his 100 Things journey into a best-selling book (‘100 Things’) translated into three languages, two international documentaries on ESPN and Discovery Channel (‘100 things to do before you die’), and a US-based reality TV show (‘100 Things’) where he traveled the world helping complete strangers achieve their specific dreams. 100 Things is no longer about one person, it’s about everybody. Currently a Make-A-Wish ambassador, Sebastian has raised over $400,000 for various charities as part of his challenge.

Sebastian tells his unique, action-packed story while integrating the principles of goal setting, altering mindset, benefiting from change, the art of achievement, opportunity creation, and helping others. He’ll inspire you to gain perspective, think big, and be the best you can be on every level so that others can follow suit.