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Calfarme (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

  • Booth: 1130

Welcome on board the Calfarme Business Network!

Established in Singapore in 1977, Calfarme is an integrated product development, manufacturing and marketing company living to deliver biotech eco-hygiene solutions to sustain a green, safe and comfortable built environment.

Calfarme’s success is derived from its focus in the industry. We have no equals worldwide in being an integrated product development, manufacturing and services business – delivering customer benefits at competitive price levels.

We pride ourselves in offering you a comprehensive range of eco-hygiene product solutions:

BioPlus® Multipurpose Bio-cleaning

BioTabs® Water-saving Biological Urinal Systems

FoamCare™ Alcohol-free All-in-one Sanitizer

FreshMate™ Natural Odor Controls

Touch-free Automatic Sanitary Disposal Bins with Oxo-biodegradable Liners

Dispensers for foam, liquids and premixing

Brands: Calfarme, BioPlus, BioTabs, BioClean, BioCleaning, FoamCare, FoamWash, EcoBath, CleanBio


    BIOPLUS® MULTIPURPOSE BIOCLEANING – Safe and multi functional, clean all surfaces and eliminate the source of odors biologically, and replaces the traditional disinfectants and hazardous chemical cleaners - saving you water, labor and costs....

  • Calfarme BIO PLUS® Biological-based Multipurpose Cleaner & Deodorizer.

    No longer a need for 5 different types (or more) of cleaners! 

    More and more building owners/managers, janitorial suppliers and cleaning service contractors are using the benefits of Calfarme BIO PLUS® to promote and market their own green efficiencies (and only Calfarme BIO PLUS®) to eradicate dirt, grime, germs, moulds & mildew and odours— and to do it in an ecologically friendly, “GO-GREEN” manner!  

    BIO PLUS® is 100% Green, Low VOC Cleaner, CACC Certified (Clean Air Choices Cleaners Product) and UL Environments’ ECOLOGO® certified bio-cleaning product for reducing environmental impact. 

    BIO PLUS® is a revolutionary, multi-functional, Green biological cleaning product (our best-seller product in Australia/New Zealand, China and any places). You can use BIO PLUS® to clean all surfaces, ranging from (and not limited to): all floors, scrubbing carpets, wiping countertops, mirrors, windows, urinals as well as toilets. In addition, BIO PLUS® deodorizes and maintains the drains, as it keeps pH levels neutral, preventing nasty odors and clogging. BIO PLUS® eliminates foul odors at the source, leaving your environment feeling clean, green and fresh. 

    Biological Cleaners versus Traditional Disinfectants

    Green Biological Cleaners are superior to traditional chemical disinfectants. Disinfectants treat initial surface contaminants, but do not protect from new contaminants which reproduce pathogenic bacteria immediately. In contrast, BIO PLUS® eradicates bacteria immediately and continues to eliminate any new bacteria contaminants thereafter.   

    A powerful biological cleaning formula that acts on organic wastes, disease causing bacteria and eliminates the source of most obnoxious odors (also pets and animal waste odors). BIO PLUS® clean all surfaces through spray and wipe or mop method. Neutral pH will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces.

    BIOPLUS® clean all floors, toilets fixtures, urinals, mirror/ window, carpets, sofa/upholstery and drain or grease trap. BIOPLUS® reaches deeper into most surfaces, floor grout, crevices and corners that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods and protects cleaned surfaces with durable and lasting residual protection against new contaminants (including pests such as dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects).

    For spray cleaning & deodorizing: Dilute 1 part BIOPLUS® Concentrate up to 20 parts with water (50ml to 1,000ml with water) in a sprayer bottle. After spray, allow to dry or mop clean with water. 

    • 100% green, biological based.
    • Low VOC certified.
    • Effectively seeks out organic wastes.
    • Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria.
    • Clears and maintains drainage pipes.
    • Eliminates sources of most offensive odors.
    • Non-toxic to humans and animals, biodegradable, non-acidic, non-caustic and guaranteed non-pathogenic strains.
    • Dramatically reduces BOD, COD, TSS and CO2.

    BIO TABS® WATER-SAVING BIOLOGICAL URINAL MAINTAINER - Save Water! BIO TABS® clear urinal clogging & odors without water. Designed for maintenance of ultra-low flushing (0.5 liter water per flush) and no-flushing conventional urinal....

  • BIO TABS® WATER-SAVING BIOLOGICAL URINAL MAINTAINER - Water-saving, odor control and clog-free biological urinal solution for all low-flush, conventional and waterless urinal systems.

    • 100% green, biological based. 
    • Reduces water usage by converting flushing urinals into low-flush or waterless fixtures instantly. 
    • Ecological and refillable when empty. 
    • Reduces maintenance costs by maintaining free flowing drains in conventional flushing and waterless urinals. 
    • Effective drain maintainer, breaking down all organic matter. 
    • Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance. 
    • Long lasting and guaranteed to last 10,000 to 20,000 users without flushing. 
    • All contents and plastic materials are biodegradable.

    100% GREEN! ZERO PLASTIC WASTE: All contents of BIO TABS® including plastic materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly made from at least 50% recycled with Oxo-biodegradable materials. Safe disposal with normal household rubbish and degrade in a landfill site leaving no harmful residues or RECYCLABLE. AWARDED SINGAPORE GREEN LABEL CERTIFICATION NO: 043-033, NZFSA Approval Pending C-102 and UL ENVIRONMENTS' ECOLOGO Certified (UL 2780-2011).

    With BIO TABS®, urinals are easy to clean and maintain with BIO PLUS®, do not used acidic chemicals or disinfectant cleaners.

    FOAMCARE™ CONCENTRATE ANTISEPTIC HANDWASH FOAM - clean and sanitize all surfaces safely, moisturize the skin and hands, and kills 99,99% of all germs that may cause illness....


    Effective, quick-drying foam sanitizer system clean and sanitize all surfaces, moisturise the skin and hands with 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection.

    • No-Touch! Automatic or manual foam dispensers with refillable and disposable cartridge.
    • Creates instant foaming for quicker and easier hygiene wash with little or no water.
    • Controls usage with longer intervals between refills, ensures cost saving.
    • Saves soap by up to 95%, places no strain on effluent systems.
    • Cleans and sanitizes hands and toilet seats.
    • Alcohol-free, non-flammable and non-toxic.
    • Provides up to 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection without rinse.
    • Eco-friendly packaging refills in 50 ml sachet, reduces environmental impact for disposal or storage and delivery.

    FOAMCARE™ CONCENTRATE dilute up to 20 parts water for Alcohol-free Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Seat Cover Sanitizer (in spray or foam dispensers) NON FRAGRANCE - Ideal for use in kitchen, food preparation area (remove food before application) and hospital. Dilute 1:4 water for use as Antibacterial Hand  & Body Foam Wash with natural plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils that are beneficial to your hair, face and skin. 

    FOAMCARE™ CONCENTRATE is U.S FDA compliant, NDC 70136-101-05 details and tested by TUV, PSB Singapore. FOAMCARE™ Satchet Refill is Singapore Green Label certified for reducing environmental impact.