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Magnation Water Technologies

Oakland,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 933

Our physical water softening solves all hard water problems.

Magnation Water Technologies physical water softening treatment mitigates all hard water problems while improving flow, solubility, pump performance, and pipe/equipment longevity.  Save 10-42% energy costs associated with HVAC, save time and money by reducing downtime and costly maintenance expenses.


  • Prevent calcium, lime, rust, iron, iron bacteria, corrosion and hard water issues
  • Reduce and eliminate biofilm, algae, odors and biohazards
  • Reduce maintenance down time and expense
  • Reduce chemicals with improved solubility
  • Reduce or eliminate acid wash
  • Reduce friction for easier flow
  • No filters to replace
  • Zero by-products
  • Energy savings

Zero chemicals, energy, maintenance or byproducts! No consumables to replace, saving your maintenance-team loads of time and money. 

2-year money back guarantee!  BBB A+ rating. Industry leader since 2008.

Brands: Magnation® Aquabolt™, Turbulator™, Rainbolt™


  • Turbulator
    Magnation’s patented Turbulator transforms previously unusable saline water water to a soft, polarized state keeping it from forming mineral scale on the interior of pipes and equipment. Recommended for 4" pipes and up....

  • Magnation Turbulator is a chemical-free water softener, reduces or eliminates scale. Available for 4-inch pipe diameter size and up, in anodized aluminum or stainless steel body. One time installation, inline with flanges after pump system. No replacement filters or parts, zero maintenance, energy required, chemicals needed. 

    Turbulator developed to target high salt environments. Designed with ultra-boosted top-grade magnetic resonators in addition to leveraging the agitating and invigorating effects of turbulence, rifling and geometry. Includes extra chamber and rifled core for increased efficiency and benefits. 

    For irrigation, softer water is more soluble, improves the efficiency of fertilizers and other inputs. Ideal for plant growth, it improves water penetration and moisture retention in soils, allows salts to leach out.

    Two-year satisfaction guarantee, seven year limited manufacturers warranty.

    Over 25,000 installations worldwide. BBB A-rated. Made in USA. 

  • Aquabolt
    Aquabolt is a 3-stage treatment process transforms hard and unusable water into soft, polarized state, keeping mineral scale from forming on the interior of pipes and equipment without any chemicals, electricity or maintenance....

  • Resolve extreme saline water with Magnation’s double duty Aquabolt™.  Lorentz force, ionization, rifling, vortexing, Venturi effect, and kinetics with static mixing transforming hard and problematic water into soft, high-quality “rainlike” water. Aquabolt's static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a high quality, soft and easier-to-move water.

    Aquabolt is a 3-stage treatment process transforms hard and unusable water into soft, polarized state, keeping mineral scale from forming on the interior of pipes and equipment without any chemicals, electricity or maintenance.Available sizes include 3/4", 1", 1.25" and 2" diameters. Mixers available in stainless steel or clear PVC. Stainless steel mixers range in length from 7"-17" (177.8 mm- 431.8 mm), clear PVC mixers range in length from 9"-19" (228.6 mm-482.6 mm). Magnation double treatments available in stainless steel, aluminum or PVC.


    • Significant water and energy conservation
    • Solve high TDS and problematic hard water issues effectively without chemicals
    • Keep pipes, pumps, equipment, appliances, sprayer parts, emitters and nozzles free of mineral build up
    • Lower surface tension and enhanced solubility require less detergents and soaps, chemicals & more
    • Improved flow and pressure with less energy
    • Reduce bicarbonates and sulfates

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Property Managers, Building Managers, Facility Managers, Architects, Developer, Engineers, Building Service Contractors (BSCs)