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Irvine,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 203

Tenant billing for overtime HVAC and submeters

Genea helps property teams eliminate the painful, manual processes around overtime HVAC requests, submeter management, and tenant billing. Genea’s software is implemented in over 150 million square feet of office space, helping hundreds of property teams modernize their tenant billing experience. The software is backed by 24/7 support and monitoring from Genea’s US-based service team, resulting in a 99% customer retention rate. For more information, visit


  • Overtime HVAC
    Genea's Overtime HVAC allows tenants to request after hours HVAC service through their smartphone or computer. The Genea software then works through the building's BMS to fulfill the request, and handles the billing....

  • Genea's Overtime HVAC platform allows tenants to submit requests at a moment's notice through their smartphone or computer, eliminating the need for 24-hour advanced notice and pre-programming of your building management system. It also allows them to modify and cancel their own requests, giving them a sense of control and eliminating back and forth with your property team.


    • Easy-to-use app allows tenants to submit overtime HVAC requests in less than 30 seconds.
    • Fulfills requests automatically through your existing BMS, using your protocols and rules. Whatever your mechanical setup is, we can work with it.
    • Handles complex billing scenarios with ease, creating custom invoices based on individual tenant leases.Requires tenants to confirm the cost of their requests and creates an email audit trail, eliminating tenant disputes for overtime HVAC charges.
    • Automatically sends out confirmation emails to the tenant, office manager, and building engineer, so everyone stays in the loop.
    • Alerts our team if a request isn't executed, making us another set of eyes on your equipment.
    • No setup fees or hardware costs, so you don't have to worry about finding room in the budget for new technology.
    • Creates invoices that will import directly into your accounting system.
    • All training for your team and your tenants is included.
    • Unlimited, US-based support and monitoring means you, your tenants, and your equipment are taken care of around the clock.

  • Submeter Billing
    Genea's app will help you collect submeter readings quickly and correctly on all of your existing meters, while our software handles the billing process. This provides your tenants with an easy-to-understand monthly bill and you with an audit trail....

  • Using clipboards and spreadsheets to manage your submeters is a cumbersome and error-prone process. Genea's platform makes reading and billing for all of your existing meters easy. 

    Our platform can handle the intricacies of your commercial tenant billing scenarios, making sure you're billing correctly every time. We then provides a CSV file that can go directly into your account software and easy-to-understand invoices in case a tenant has a question about the charges. This also provides a detailed audit trail for both your networked and non-networked meters, so you and your tenants can be confident that the readings and billing are accurate. 


    • Collects readings for all of your existing meters (electric, water, gas, steam, BTU).
    • Convenient app makes taking meter readings for non-networked meters simple and hassle-free.
    • Validates meter readings at the moment the meter is read, eliminating costly reading errors.
    • Automatically generates an audit trail, so you and your tenants are confident the readings and billing are accurate.
    • Monitors networked meters around the clock, recording readings as frequently as every 15 minutes.
    • No setup fees, hardware replacement, or up front costs, so you don't have to worry about finding room in your budget for smart meter technology.
    • Handles multipliers, rollovers, and complex billing scenarios easily.
    • Generates easy-to-understand invoices that import into your accounting system.
    • Easy setup process means we can improve your meter reading process before next month's reads.
    • Includes ongoing audits of your readings to confirm all billing is correct. 

 Additional Information:

Regions Covered
United States (all/most states), Canada
Job Titles Sold To
Property Managers, Building Managers, Facility Managers, Asset Managers, Engineers